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ProtectAll product does so much!

When the box of ProtectAll products arrived at our Douglas MA home, I was away at the Arizona house where I take care of my folks.

So Laurie decided to try the product out inside the house, on the furniture, on the countertops, just about everywhere that didn't move! I remember she called and was SO excited about it!

That's when we all decided it was worth producing a testimonial. Now Laurie is a bit shy so getting her in front of the camera so much was, well, just fun! This is the result of that piece!

Annual Rally on the River

Jeff introduces us to Brownsville, Oregon, a bit off Interstate 5. Brownsville is a quiet, picturesque town, set back in time. Here, vintage and classic homes abound. The town came into existence due to logging and agriculture and is best known for the major role the town played in the movie Stand by Me. The…
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Living with 30-Amps

RV Education 101 This week Mark and Dawn Polk from RV Education 101 show us why living on 30-amps involves a little planning and self discipline. Being out in an RV is not quite like being at home where having 50-amps and running a toaster and air conditioner is not a problem. But once you…
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