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Roadtrip through South Dakota with Joe and Kait Russo

Joe: This week, Kait and I take you on a roadtrip through South Dakota, our 44th state in an RV. Learn more about the Russos at The mammoth site is a research facility where you can tour an active dig site of mammoth remains found in an old sinkhole. If you are going to…
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Washington Tri-Cities; Kennewick, Pasco and Richland

Jeff Johnston: There's literally no end to the fun places you can find to explore while you RV around this country of ours. Today's quick stop is Washington's Tri Cities, Kennewick, Pasco, and Richland. This area abounds in outdoor activities, history, and interesting things to see and do. For example, there's this big guy, the…
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The Russos visit Haleakala National Park

We're the Russos - Joe Russo: This week, we head to Haleakala National Park, take a dip in the Seven Sacred Pools, and watch the sunset from the summit. It's supposed to be half a mile walk. Joe: Okay. It's just after 9 a.m. We camped here last night and figured we'd come to the…
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Yellowstone National Park with ‘We’re the Russos’

Joe Russo: Our journey to Yellowstone National Park started at the Buffalo Bill Center of the West in Cody, Wyoming, where I grabbed a cup of chuckwagon coffee with some biscuits and beans. That's some strong stuff. There are five museums at the center, including the Cody Firearms Museum and a natural history museum, which…
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Destination: Michigan UP

Destination - Michigan UP Jeff Johnston: Michigan's Upper Peninsula has long been one of our favorite RV travel destinations. Its scenery, history, food, and fun people add up to a region that's ripe for RV exploration. The trip starts with a run across the straits of Mackinac Bridge on US 75. And there's something truly…
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Campground Review – BayView Campground on Cape Cod, MA

Michelle: Hi, I'm here with Dave Ricci of Bay View Campground in Bourne, Massachusetts. Dave: This is right at the beginning of the cape, right over the Bourne Bridge on the other side of the canals. We're right off Route 28, which is a major highway that goes down to Falmouth. My father-in-law, Gardner S. Nightingale, was…
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Two Gals Enjoy their First ‘Harvest Hosts’ Experience

On our trip home from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, this October, Laurie and I and our Boston Brood decided to stop at our first Harvest Hosts location, Whitebarrel in Christiansburg, Virginia.

Harvest Hosts is a collection of unique places across the country where you can stay with your RV for free! You must be a member of Harvest Hosts to view the database and details.

We met John and Paula Adams who were also there as Harvest Hosts members and we hit if off right away! There are several great reasons to become a member of this organization which we elaborate on in this video.

Share your experiences with us!

Vail Colorado – It’s a Great Summer Destination Too!

Jeff Johnston: If you enjoy wintertime sports--skiing, snowmobiling, snowshoeing, whatever--Colorado is hard to beat as the place to find all kinds of those activities, but there is another side of Colorado that's equally as much fun. We're in beautiful Vail, and this area abounds with all kinds of activities and fun things to do during…
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Destination: Calaveras Big Tree State Park

The scenic splendor here is incredible. Giant redwood and sequoia trees, wonderful hiking trails throughout the park, a great campground. It's a nice place to spend some time. Calaveras Big Tree State Park is located just 3 miles north of Arnold, California, on Highway 4. The park is a magnificent display of the largest tree…
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RV Destination – Cordes Junction and Arcosanti Arizona

Michelle and Laurie have discovered several spots in the Cordes Junction, AZ area that they share with you in this segment. The intersection of Rt 17 and Rt 69 is a well traveled junction when visiting the major tourist spots in Arizona, but you might zip right through and not know there's a cool place…
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