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GoPower Solar Panels for RVing and Camping

Some people like full-hookup campgrounds and all the amenities. We, like a lotta campers, enjoy going dry camping, or as they say boondocking, which means no hookups. The disadvantage there is sooner or later you run out of electricity. For example, if it's cool enough that you run your furnace all night, you know, your 12-volt battery power supply can be a little bit dodgy.

Fortunately, there is a simple solar solution for that. Go Power is a company that offers a number of portable solar-panel charging setups for your RV batteries. This one is 120-watt kit. They have kits all the way up to 200 watts, and they also offer permanent setups for the top of the vehicle.

The Go Power! panels and connecting cables come in a sturdy carrying case for safe and convenient storage in your RV. You unfold the panels, and you find all the hookup hardware on the inside. Each side of the panel has these kinda leg kits that can stick out here, so we'll set these up. We'll haul the whole rig over to the side of the trailer and figure out how we're gonna hook these to the batteries.

Some trailer was equipped with the solar charge port and one of the adapters in the kit just happens to fit, so we plug it in and that's set. And the nice thing is, because this is portable, you put it in the sun wherever you happen to need it. Be sure to watch this segment which has a lot more detail about setting up the GoPower Solar Panels!

Two Gals Enjoy their First ‘Harvest Hosts’ Experience

On our trip home from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, this October, Laurie and I and our Boston Brood decided to stop at our first Harvest Hosts location, Whitebarrel in Christiansburg, Virginia.

Harvest Hosts is a collection of unique places across the country where you can stay with your RV for free! You must be a member of Harvest Hosts to view the database and details.

We met John and Paula Adams who were also there as Harvest Hosts members and we hit if off right away! There are several great reasons to become a member of this organization which we elaborate on in this video.

Share your experiences with us!

Welcome Infinity Woven Products as Rollin’ On TV Branded Sponsor

We are delighted to announce the addition of Infinity WovenProducts as our newest Limited Branded Sponsor.

Infinity, with corporate headquarters located in Dalton, Georgia, produces Luxury Woven Vinyl (LWV) flooring for a multitude of applications ranging from commercial, residential, marine and RV.

(LWV) benefits include being heavy traffic rated, lightweight, and easy-to-clean. It’s cushioned vinyl backing provides long-lasting relief and support while providing any space with the look of luxury.

With all these features, it’s easy to see why (LWV) has been taking the RV industry by storm and can now be found in numerous high-quality RVs.

We look forward to working together with Warren McCrickard, Executive Vice President of Marketing and Sales, on some upcoming RV interior renovation and customizing projects featuring the company’s (LWV) flooring.

Rollin’ On TV can be seen on numerous television stations and Sports Networks throughout the country as well as on YouTube, Vimeo and ROKU as well as on our website and each of our station’s streaming media sites.

Wayne’s Organic Spices Caught our Eye

While meandering down the vendor aisle at the Escapade Reunion Vendor, we noticed something that we would definitely use. Spices! And not only did they range from mild green chili seasoning salt to less salt varieties to  'Rip your Face Off!', which is a blend of three of the hottest peppers on the planet, and they are also locally hand-made using organic, non-gmo, non-msg, non-caking ingredients!

These are made by 'Uncle Wayne', locally. To learn more you can email him at

Harvest Hosts – a New Contributing Partner

As Joel explains, traditional campgrounds can be, well, boring. That's why he and his wife Mary purchased Harvest Hosts - it's a very untraditional way to RV!

Since they purchased Harvest Hosts from former owners Don and Kim Greene, who built an amazing company and community, they look forward to continuing the tradition of connecting their wonderful members with wonderful hosts!

Recently Good Morning America interviewed the Hollands. And they were also guests on the RVing in New England Facebook Live hosted by Bob Zagami and John DiPietro.

We welcome Joel and Mary as content producers for Rollin' On TV! Each month we'll share content from Harvests Hosts with you. And, once we catch up with these avid RVers in their Grand Design, you'll be introduced to them on an upcoming Rollin' On TV show.

So, be sure to keep an eye out for interesting information from these new owners of Harvest Hosts and watch for their purple wrapped Grand Design on the road!

The Nest..Life before Airstream

While doing various stories on our show, every so often certain stories have a tendency to rejuvenate themselves in one form or another. Such is the story we did a few years ago on a new lightweight trailer called the “Nest”.

I know what you’re thinking; yes the Nest is manufactured by Airstream…. Now!
But the original idea and design originated a few years back by a gentleman named Robert Johans who at the time was the CEO and President of Nest Caravans.

Robert took a ride with the Nest in tow to meet up with Jeff Johnston where Jeff did the first story on the ‘original Nest”.

Goes to prove that not all great ideas originate from large companies. Check out this story and compare the original Nest with the New Airstream Nest. There are some changes. Watch for an upcoming story and review on the Airstream Nest.