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RV Trends for 2019 and Beyond!

As we attend the 2019 RV industry shows, a few things have become apparent, and that is that RV designers and manufacturers are getting bolder and more creative in their thinking, thus giving us some exciting new RVs to choose from. One of the most obvious changes is in the exterior colors, and we're not…
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Forest River No-Bo Update

As some of you might remember, the Forest River NO-BO (No Boundaries) trailer line was one of the top contenders for RV Of The Year at the last RVBusiness RV Of The Year Awards Show last year. One of the things we had planned to do is a full feature on the top five contenders of…
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Show 2018-05 – New Horizons RV and more!

New Horizons RV Full-time and semi full-timers have different needs in an RV than someone that hits the road for a weekend or even a couple of weeks at a time and not all RVs fill that need. One such company that does, is New Horizons RV located in Junction City, Kansas. The company has…
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We visit Gulf Stream Coach

In today's business environment, especially the RV industry, it’s hard to find a 35-year old company that still operates under the same ownership, never mind the same family. Gulf Stream Coach just happens to be one of those exceptions.

Gulf Stream Coach started back in 1983 by Jim Shea Sr. We learn some of the obstacles the company went through getting started back in those early years of the RV industry. They started with a small seven-man crew who designed and built two motorhomes and one travel trailer in a matter of weeks in time for the big Notre Dame RV Show in South Bend, Indiana. Needless to say, the units were a hit with RV dealers attending the show and as the old saying goes, ‘The company hasn’t looked back since’.

Located in Nappanee, Indiana, Gulf Stream Coach is now run by Jim’s son, Dan Shea. It’s large sprawling facility now employs a few hundred people, many who have been there for over 20-years, and one that’s been there since the first day 35 years ago.

We had an opportunity to talk with Scott Pullin, one of the company's original seven man team and now Vice President of Operations. Scott filled us in on the challenges the team faced getting started and how the company has progressed since then.

We had a chance to tour the motorized RV production lines and actually see how they build the Conquest Class C and BT Cruiser motorhomes which include a lot of hidden features you can’t see once the floors and wall are in place. Check it all out on this week’s show.

Unveiling the new Summit RV by New Horizons

Most RV companies manufacture numerous models of trailers and motorhomes, which are available through RV dealers throughout the country. In most cases, each model will have a couple of floor plans to select from, and most likely, interior color and trim. And the same goes for the exterior, you can select from two or three…
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