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What to know when Renting an RV

 With Spring on the horizon, it’s time to think about upcoming vacations and what better way to see and enjoy our great country than by taking an RVing vacation. Many of you already own RVs and know the joys of hitting the road and exploring our National Parks and vacation areas. But you don’t…
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Jucy is trying to make RVing cool – Interesting rental concept

The thing looks like Barney on wheels. Pea green, bright purple and plastered in company ads, the “JUCY Champ” is meant to garner attention — and it does. “Mind if I take a look inside?” a fellow road tripper asks me in a beachside parking lot. In the six days I spend driving along California’s…
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How to Rent an RV… and More on this Rollin On TV show

[embed][/embed] (NOTE: We're sorry to learn that the Fire-Stick is no longer being offered- see bottom for details). With spring virtually around the corner, so to speak, many of you are thinking about when to take that precious vacation time this year. It’s also time to think about what kind of vacation to take. Well,…
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