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2019-09 Things to Know When Buying a Used RV

Mark Polk: "Hi, I'm Mark Polk with RV Education 101. Sometimes a used RV can be a great buy. Used RVs have already suffered the brunt of depreciation, many are only lightly used at a good price, and you will more than likely have an affordable monthly payment. But on the other hand, a used…
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Canvas Replacement for your Pop-up Tent Trailer

Canvas Replacement for that Tent Trailer If your pop-up camping trailer has wife and neighbors complaining, then it's time to contact the folks at Canvas Replacements. This week, we take you to Loyal, Wisconsin. the home to Canvas Replacements, the leading manufacturer of pop-up tent camper canvas. It's very interesting how someone can take an…
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Understanding RV Extension Cords

Extension cords are necessary when the RV cord doesn't reach the campsite pedestal. Mark reminds us to only use extension cores when necessary. Avoid using an indoor extension cord outside as they are not made for the outside elements. Mark explains the difference between inside and outside extension cords and how to determine the capacity…
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Thetford Titan Sewer Hose Kit handles a Tough Job

Campsite utility setup for an RV isn't glamorous but it's something that has to be done. Jeff shows us the Thetford Titan Sewer Hose kit. It has a 4 prong connector that fits nicely into the RV outlet! This particular hose is 15' long and it extends as it needs to and it also retracts…
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Backing Up Your Trailer Tips

 If there’s one thing that can get new RVer’s nervous it is backing up your trailer. Well, you’re not alone as this anxiety strikes virtually every new RVer and, in some cases even experienced RVers when they upgrade to a larger trailer and backing it for the first time, especially in a campground when…
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How to Maintain your Non Weight-Bearing RV Roof

Michelle and Laurie take their Lance 1575 way up North to Vermontville, NY. Why? There was a small leak somewhere on their RV roof. Since their 1575 has a non-weight bearing roof, they didn't want to damage it. They just didn't have the confidence to try and fix it themselves. Max Nason, Sales Manager at…
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Spring RV Checks

With Spring finally here (for some), Mark Polk of RV Education 101 fills us in on some important Spring checks you should perform on your RV before heading out this season. Checking the batteries is first on Mark's list. Next is the RV water system. If it was winterized you need to de-winterize it and…
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EarthCruiser to Escape the Blacktop!

RV TV Show, EarthCruiserWith the Overland Expo West coming up shortly in Flagstaff, AZ, we decided to take another look at the world of Extreme off-road RVing. This week we join Jeff Johnston as he pays a visit to the company that builds those wild EarthCruisers.

Many RVer’s love ‘boon-docking’ for a week or more but where you go boon-docking is dependent on your RV and its capabilities. By the way, for non-RVers, boon-docking is a term used for getting off the road and camping away from civilization and enjoying mother nature. Of course most RVs will let you get off the road a bit in some places but, if you are really looking at getting way off the road and doing some adventure RVing you’ll need a vehicle built specifically for that.

The EarthCruiser is an RV designed exclusively for Extreme RVing. Originally designed and built in Australia, Gillies moved his operation to Bend, Oregon a few years ago in order to service the fast growing U.S. market. Needless to say, that market demand continues to grow and the Overland Expo West is sure to be an exciting event! With three models to choose from including a truck camper model, Earth Cruiser is poised to help set the pace in Extreme RVing.

Jeff got to tour the facility and chat with Lance Gillies, founder and CEO of the company. He learns all about the EarthCruiser and sees just what goes into building these rugged off-road adventure vehicles. Jeff also got a chance to take one out for an honest to goodness test run in and around the surrounding countryside. Just think how cool it would be to pull up to your local grocery store or convenience store in one of these….

A Visit to Steele Rubber Products

When you think about it, your RV has quite a few rubber moldings and seals and most of us don’t even think about them until, one of them starts leaking, then it’s a ‘holy cow got to get it fixed' moment.

RV TV Show

Now you have to find a new seal either at an RV dealer or parts house (if they have one to match), or know that there is a better option. Visit  and your problem will be solved.

Steele Rubber Products, located in Denver, North Carolina, has been making high quality replacement rubber seals and weather stripping for hot rods, vintage and classic cars since 1958.

Now, Steele Rubber is offering the same high quality, ‘Made In America’, replacement rubber parts and service to RVers everywhere.

We paid a visit to Steele’s facility to find out for ourselves what goes into building today’s modern rubber parts. And the first thing we learned was that so called 'rubber' parts are no longer made of rubber.

Today's rubber parts are made of high tech ingredients that last longer, perform better and ‘when it comes to Steele Rubber products’, can be installed relatively easy.

Check out this week’s feature story and see what goes into making today’s rubber seals.. and learn what salt has to do with the production process at Steele.

Five Common Trailer Towing Mistakes

Plus, Mark and Dawn Polk from RV Education 101 fill us in on some very common towing mistake made by many RVer’s. On this week’s show Mark Polk from RV Education 101 shows us five common RV trailer towing mistakes you should be aware of and how to avoid them. If you’re new to towing,…
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