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Beautiful Bus Conversion – One Woman’s Story

Jessie Lipkin's story is inspiring in various ways. She turned a greyhound bus into a home so many people will dream to have. This has not only brought about the transformation of her own life; so many people in the world today have also been inspired by this. Sounds amazing right? In this article, that…
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Relic Trailers are a blast from the past and manufactured brand new today

Just imagine... "One night someone posted an almost unbelievable story on Facebook, with a link to a craigslist listing. Between 1960 and 1963 a high school welding teacher named Roy had designed a mid-century dream trailer. He had even begun the manufacturing process before he abandoned the project and it went into storage for more…
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Wayne’s Organic Spices Caught our Eye

While meandering down the vendor aisle at the Escapade Reunion Vendor, we noticed something that we would definitely use. Spices! And not only did they range from mild green chili seasoning salt to less salt varieties to  'Rip your Face Off!', which is a blend of three of the hottest peppers on the planet, and they are also locally hand-made using organic, non-gmo, non-msg, non-caking ingredients!

These are made by 'Uncle Wayne', locally. To learn more you can email him at

Nissan and Opus collaborate on new Glamper Style Camper

Rollin' On TV spotted the Opus years ago, so when we saw this article we thought "what a cool concept, recycling lithium batteries for long-time off the grid power!" It seems inevitable that clean technology will evolve to the point where fossil fuel sucking gas generators will no longer be needed and campers won't have…
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Most Desirable Vintage Trailer in the World

Wow! Look at this beauty that came across our radar! Rare, vintage trailers are often in high demand from campervan aficionados seeking a one-of-a-kind holiday experience. That’s why the discovery and restoration of a Holiday House Geographic X has caused a stir among campervan enthusiasts across the United States. This designer trailer, one of only…
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BMW designed a lightweight camper with The North Face’s new high-tech fabric

BMW's Designworks division has designed a tent trailer using a new fabric developed by The North Face called Futurelight that it says is the “most advanced, breathable, waterproof material.” It’s made through a process known as nanospinning, which creates nano-sized holes the fabric that keep water out, but allow air to permeate. According to The…
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The Bowlus Road Chief is a Standout with Deep Historical Roots

Among the sleek new versions of travel trailers aimed at tech-rich millennials and well-heeled boomers, the Bowlus Road Chief is a standout with deep historical roots. More than just a shiny piece of eye candy for the road, this sleek construction with Art Moderne lines is filled with 21st-century comforts. Think heated floors, charging stations…
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Winnebago launches All-Electric Vehicle

Emissions-free RVs aren't wishful thinking any longer, but don't expect them to be popping up on any neighborhood driveways this summer. Iowa-based Winnebago Industries this week announced the launch of an all-electric commercial vehicle platform. The zero-emissions Class A vehicle will be available in 33-foot and 38-foot lengths and can weigh up to 26,000 pounds. Right now,…
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