Class C Review, Backing Up Tips and More on this Rollin’ On TV Show

Gulfstream Coach

On this week’s show Jeff gives us a quick insight on how to tell a class C motorhome from a B-Plus or even a class A. I know that, especially if you’re new to the RV world, identifying all the various models can get a little confusing. Well, Jeff shows us a quick way to spot a class C as he does one of his “real life reviews’ on a Gulfstream Conquest class C motorhome.

You’ll find all kinds of descriptions pertaining to a class C, but simply put, a full-size class C offers exceptional space which in most cases is equivalent to a class A motorhome but a ‘C’ is built around a pre-existing truck chassis and cab. You’ll understand better when Jeff shows you in the video.

As with all Jeff’s ‘real life reviews’ he takes out the Gulfstream Conquest for a few days of driving and camping in order to give viewers a true analysis of the vehicle as it’s meant to be used.

And what did he think about the Conquest? In short, it’s quite a nice motorhome that’s reasonably priced. Check out the show and see for yourself. Or you can visit the company’s website at

GCI Camp Chair

Unless you’ve been hiding in the woods for the past few years, most of our viewers know that Jeff Johnston has been camping and RVing both leisurely and as part of his 30-plus years as an RV journalist and his 9-year stint as host of Rollin’ On TV.  Now, with that said, you also know that Jeff is tall, around 6’-6” so finding a camp chair to suit Jeff’s requirements for stability and comfort can be a daunting task. But, guess what, he does have a favorite camp chair and on this week’s show he shows and tells us all about his chair from GCI Outdoors.

If you are looking for a great chair to enjoy on your outdoor adventures, be sure to check out this one.

Trailer Backing Tips

If there’s one thing that can get new RVer’s nervous it is backing up your trailer. Well, you’re not alone as this anxiety strikes virtually every new RVer and, in some cases even experienced RVers when they upgrade to a larger trailer and backing it for the first time, especially in a campground when you know people are watching!

Mark and Dawn Polk from RV Education 101 show us some simple tips to help you learn how to back up your trailer like a pro. Learn these tips and as Mark says, practice and you’ll do just fine. You can find many more RV tips, instructions and how-two’s by visiting:

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