Connecting with our RV Dealer Friends

When people 'RV', hooking up with friends becomes a reason to be somewhere, but this hook-up was particularly amazing to us. We bought our Lance 1575 in Vermontville, NY, which is almost as far as you can get from Prescott Valley, AZ and stay in the country! Well, we've become friends with Hans and Pam, owners of Happy Camping RV... and guess what!

Hans and Pam travel in their Lance Camper as much as possible in the winter, leaving their dealership in the capable hands of their main guy, Max! They were in Flagstaff at the same time we were at an RVing Women holiday rally in Fort McDowell, Arizona. We worked out the logistics and met for lunch at Cowboy Up in Apache Junction!

After that they came back with us to the Eagle View RV Resort for the night!

We were able to introduce them to Gail, owner of a Lance 1685. Gail is a super handy solo gal who has made some wonderful modifications inside her Lance. We'll share more about Gail in a later story but here is a picture of what she did in her closet area!

Now, tell me, where in the world do you see an RV dealer who not only meets up with customers turned friends, but brings his handy-dandy screwdriver to tighten a couple of screws on the outside of the slider. He answered lots of questions as he loves the Lance line and knows it inside and out.

Happy Traveling Hans and Pam!

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