Cooling your RV Refrigerator – An RV Tip

Tip from Jeff Johnston - cool that referIf you’re an experienced RVer then you already know when you first turn on your refrigerator after its been off for a while, it takes hours to get it down to operating temperature. So, you plan accordingly and turn on the refer about eight hours ahead of time or even longer. OK…. That’s the way it is so you live with it, but you don’t have to anymore.

Jeff Johnston, our associate producer and host of the show, has been RVing since… well, lets just say many years ago and he does know a trick or two. One is how to speed up getting your refrigerator cooled down in about half the time.

Now this may seem very unconventional and even strange but Jeff keeps a few concrete bricks in his home freezer and when he’s planning on heading out on a trip, he puts those frozen bricks in the RV refrigerator and the cold from the bricks brings that refer down to operating temperature in no time.

I told you this would sound strange, but it works and that’s all that matters.. right? You can check out Jeff’s other RV ideas right here on our website or log onto our Facebook page on Wednesday evenings and join Jeff on Rollin’ On Live. Here are some of those past Rollin' On Live shows.

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