RV Destination – Cordes Junction and Arcosanti Arizona

Michelle and Laurie have discovered several spots in the Cordes Junction, AZ area that they share with you in this segment. The intersection of Rt 17 and Rt 69 is a well traveled junction when visiting the major tourist spots in Arizona, but you might zip right through and not know there's a cool place to visit and several places to stay at!

So take a look at Arcosanti, an urban laboratory that features international cultural events, workshops, tours, RV camping and more!

First the 50'S Diner Backseat Bar, Motel & RV Park includes lots of food, entertainment and activities to keep both the RV or Motel visitor and even the locals happy.

Next they stop in at the High Desert Heritage Museum to visit Lance and Tim to learn a bit more about the area.

Finally, the dirt road that takes us to the mysterious Arcosanti where we meet with Mary Hoadley, Co-President, Emeritus, Arcosanti, who personally knew the visionary artist Palo Soleri and has been at Arcosanti for almost 50 years, when they first broke ground.

She shares and shows us some insider perspectives of this intriguing micro-city in the high desert of Arizona including the archival room where Palo Soleri's visionary drawings are housed.

Arcosanti, begun in 1970, continues to be developed as an experiential learning center, walk-through demonstration of how to pursue efficient “lean” alternatives to urban sprawl.

Paolo Soleri’s concept of compact city design, ARCOLOGY(ARChitecture and ecOLOGY), saves resources and improves quality of life for all.

One of the artist groups that perform at Arcosanti is the Carpetbag Brigade Physical Theater. We'll learn a bit more about these international stilt-walkers who roam the grounds of Arcosanti during their performance.

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