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RVs and camping are a great way to enjoy family reunions. And this week, we join Jeff and Pam Johnston at their big family get-together, where there are a lot of RVs, family members, food, and fun. Then Jeff gives us a good look at the Silver Cove Campground and surrounding area. Later, Mark and Dawn Polk from RV Education 101 wrap up their five-part series on upgrading and remodeling their fifth wheel trailer. This week, they install the new Infinity woven vinyl flooring, and finished the job off by bringing in some beautiful new RecPro living room and dining room furniture.

RVs and Family Reunions

Jeff Johnston: One of the best, most fun uses for your RV is getting together with other RV owning family members for a big group campout. The Pranger clan of Hillsboro, Oregon, along with Delplanch, Cochrane, Jantz, and other family members gathers each year for a long weekend of fun, food, laughs, and camaraderie.

Silver Cove RV Resort in Silver Lake, Washington was the site for this year's event. About 70 family members in a variety of RVs, from young children to seniors, occupied a group of adjacent campsites. Make no mistake, it takes some coordination and long-term reservation planning to make this happen. Plan a year ahead to get this many campsites together in one group.

This well-chosen location also includes activities such as boating and kayaking, plus a kids playground. Group potluck style meal preparation with everyone pitching in is great fun with family and friends close by. And the RV awning and kitchens help make the process more comfortable. Long-term experience helps the families with herding the cats for this event. This kind of family RVing event can be a lifelong tradition.

And comfortable RV camping makes it even better. Although this is clearly an adult inspired event, most kids love camping, and this is the kind of weekend they remember for years to come.

Between the campfire cooking, riding bikes with the cousins, bouncing on the raft or hanging out in the hammock, these memories are priceless for them. Of course, time around the campfire with loved ones
close by is precious for your family. It's hard to beat the memories and fun to be had from this part of the campout.

Our home for this event was a No Boundaries model 16.8 trailer supplied by Sutton RV of Eugene, Oregon. Its full-size bed, comfortable sofa doubling as a dinette, and well appointed kitchen kept us content. And the nice size dry bath also did its job effectively.

"Rollin' On TV" quick stop is Silver Cove RV Resort

Today's "Rollin' On TV" quick stop is Silver Cove RV Resort located on State Route 504 just 6 miles east of Interstate 5 at Castle Rock. Clean air and lush greenery are part of this southwest Washington campground's appeal. Well laid out, paved roads provide easy access for even the largest RVs. This full service campground includes all the modern amenities RVers want.

Both back-in and pull-through full hookup sites with 30 and 50 amp power are available. Practical fire pits with adjustable grates are positioned at each campsite, most of which are spacious and attractive.

Asmaller event building is available, and the main lodge is large enough to handle your biggest group event. An outdoor wood-fired pizza oven and barbecue are ready for those special meal occasions.

Canals throughout the park provide water access to nearby Silver Lake. There's a boat ramp on site and boat, kayak, and paddle board rentals are available.

When taking in the local attractions, a must-do is the Johnston Ridge Mount St. Helens Visitor Center just a few miles east. When you're visiting Washington state, especially the southwest part of the state, one of the must-see spots has got to be the Mount St. Helens Observation Point. Now, this is Johnston Ridge. Mount St. Helens is visible right there behind us, along with the devastation down in the valley below. It's a great place to stop, definitely worth putting on your list of cool things to do here in Washington. The visitor center tells the St. Helens eruption story in dramatic and interesting fashion.

For a quick overnighter or a long weekend, Silver Cove RV Resort is a great choice. For more information about Silver Cove RV Resort or the Johnston Ridge Visitor Center, log onto our website at

RV of the Year Award Show Airs January 12, 2020

Join "Rollin' On TV" as we proudly bring you the 2020 RV Business Magazine RV of the Year award show. Be sure and tune in and see which RVs made the top five list, and ultimately which RV wins the coveted RV Business Magazine's RV of the Year. This year's award show is brought to you by Airxcel, reinventing comfort. Cummins, our energy working for you. BGS, Burlington Graphics Systems. And Thetford, going places.

The RV of the Year award show begins airing the week of January 12 on all our stations and networks. You can also watch the show on Roku, Amazon Fire, YouTube, Vimeo,, and

RV Interior Upgrade Project with RV Education 101

Welcome back to our RV interior upgrade project. We are one-fourth of the way finished, with our MCD American Duo day-night roller shades installed. Today, we are installing new Infinity luxury woven vinyl flooring in our project fifth wheel trailer. Then in upcoming episodes, we will install new RecPro furniture.

If you missed it, in a previous episode, we prepped the floor for the new Infinity luxury woven vinyl flooring. Now, we can install it.  You might remember when we installed new flooring in our motorhome. When it was time to select a new floor covering, we wanted something that was rated for commercial traffic and something that looks good too. We decided on Infinity luxury woven vinyl.

In fact, we liked the product so much that we put it in our patio room at the beach. And today, we're installing it in the fifth wheel kitchen and living room. Infinity luxury woven vinyl is an anti-microbial, soil, and stain resistant, fade resistant, and easy to clean.

It has a dense cushion backing you can see right here. And it is pet-friendly, which is great for us. Infinity offers numerous collections of luxury woven vinyl products to choose from. We decided on the seagrass number eight because it highlights some of the RV's interior treatments and the new furniture we selected from RecPro.

To cut the new flooring, we needed a good flat surface to work on, so we brought the old flooring home and did the work in our driveway. We used the original carpet as a template, along with laminate floor underlayment for a template where there wasn't any carpet in the RV. Now, we can lay the carpet and templates on the woven vinyl product and start making our cuts. You can lay pieces of wood under the fabric to make your cuts when using a razor knife. Always cut the product from the face side of the fabric, and use a new razor blade or a sharp pair of scissors to make the cuts. Dull blades can damage the product or produce rough edges. Clean cuts look much better. I made my cuts slightly larger than the template so I can do any final trimming in the RV.

I want to offer a few installation tips for those of you who decide to use luxury woven vinyl products in your project. It's important to note when you work with this product, it must be rolled face out with the cushion in. Do not crease the fabric at all. The warranty is voided if the product is rolled improperly, creased, or if the product was cut, fitted, or installed.

In the last episode, we prepped the floor for the installation, so we will give the floor one final cleaning and start the installation. The LWV product has a vinyl backing, and it must be installed using a solvent-free latex resin adhesive that works with vinyl. The adhesive should also be non-flammable and freeze-thaw stable. For additional security, luxury woven vinyl can also be stapled down to wooden surfaces, applying the staples along the edges.

The adhesive in woven vinyl must be acclimated on-site. The minimum temperature should be no less than 65 degrees Fahrenheit for 24 hours before, during, and after the installation. The product should be spread flat and laid open for up to 30 minutes before applying it to the floor. This method ensures best adhesive transfer. A 100% transfer of adhesive onto the foam backing must be obtained.

When we installed the LWV product in our motorhome, we applied the adhesive on one half of the floor. And after the fabric was placed on that side, we did the opposite side. That method worked so well that we decided to do it again in the fifth wheel, starting with the slide out. We decided to install the flooring on the slide out first. This slide out is deeper than most modern-day slide outs, and it's raised above the floor as opposed
to a flush floor slide out.

Apply the adhesive directly to the floor using a trowel. The proper trowel notch will achieve 100% transfer of wet adhesive to the fabric. Recommended trowel specs are 1/8 by 1/8 by 1/8 V notch. Allow time for the adhesive to get tacky before placing the woven vinyl. This can take 10 to 15 minutes depending on circumstances. Do not allow the adhesive to dry or develop a skin. Working time is approximately one hour.

You'll probably see those repairs on a future how-to episode on our YouTube channel, so stay tuned. Now, you can apply adhesive to the opposite side of the slide out floor. We also applied adhesive to the 90 degree bend on the front of the slide out. Let it sit until it's tacky, and roll the LWV product on top of the adhesive.

We placed thin metal strips over the 90 degree bend to assist in securing the luxury woven vinyl until the adhesive dries. I secured it with a few staples that can easily be removed. Use scissors or a sharp razor knife to trim around the perimeter of the slide out. Now, it's time to install the luxury woven vinyl in the living room. We are doing it the same way as a slide out, starting with the final cleaning.

Next, we fold the product in half and spread the adhesive. When it gets tacky, fold the flooring over the adhesive and work any air bubbles to the sides. You can use a paint roller or similar tool to remove any air bubbles, and to make sure the fabric makes good contact with the floor. Repeat this process on the opposite side. Trim around the perimeter of the flooring and cut the heat vents out. The only piece left to do is the steps.

We used the old carpet from the steps as a template for the new flooring, so all we need to is adhere it to the steps and trim the edges. You can clean up any wet adhesive with soapy water and a soft bristle brush. Blot the area dry with a clean towel and wash any other surfaces clean of the adhesive. Depending on how well the flooring was trimmed around all of the edges, it might be necessary to install some type of trim like this where the flooring meets the walls. This is a stick-on vinyl product that comes in a couple different sizes.

To get more information on Infinity luxury woven vinyl and to look at some of the collections and colors available, visit and when you want to learn more about using and maintaining your RV, visit
Happy camping.

Installing RecPro Furniture

Welcome back to the RV interior makeover finale. So far, we installed MCD day-night roller shades, whitewashed wood planks, Infinity luxury woven vinyl flooring. And today in the finale, we're installing new RecPro furniture.

Our fifth wheel at the beach is getting older, and that basically meant older, worn out furniture too. So, to fix that problem and finish our RV interior makeover, we are installing new RecPro furniture in the RV.

When it came time to select new furniture for the RV, we went to RecPro. In addition to the many other products they offer, RecPro has a vast amount of RV furniture to choose from. They have every type, style, color, and finish to update your RV and make it look new again.

We selected furniture from the Charles collection. We ordered the furniture, and in no time it was delivered. We're starting today's installation with the triple RV wall hugger recliner sofa with a dropdown console. One thing I really like is how the furniture is packaged. Each modular section fits easily through the RV door. And once it's inside, it's easy to assemble. You just align the backrest sleeves above the backrest posts that are attached to the seat frame. When you press the backrest down, you will hear it lock into place. Because this is our destination camper at the beach, we never move the RV, so we're going to assemble the furniture, but we're not going to secure it to the floor. If you're like most people and you travel with your RV, then you're going to want to secure it. And right here would be a good place to do it. To connect the furniture pieces together, you align the male floor rail pegs above the female bracket opening of the other furniture piece, then push down and slide back until it's locked into place.

Now, we can tackle installing the new RecPro RV dinette booth and table. This dinette booth not only looks good, but it's practical. There's an entire seat's worth of storage under the booth, and it serves as a spare bed too. And it's super easy to install. Just locate the booth where you want it, attach the back section using the bolts provided, and attach the back cushion Velcro to the back section. My recommendation to secure the dinette booth seats to the floor would be to use some 1x2s around the inside perimeter, attach those to the floor, and then attach to the dinette booth, that way it's not going anywhere.

To complete the RecPro furniture transformation, we are adding one RV wall hugger recliner and one RV recliner swivel glider rocker. Not only do they blend into the rest of the decor, they are also functional and space efficient. When the wall hugger chair is fully reclined, it only needs three inches of clearance from the wall.

And to complete the interior decor, we included this RecPro RV side table with the recessed dual USB charging station and twin hidden power outlets.

It doesn't matter what level of upgrading you are doing to your RV, RecPro will have what you are looking for or what you need to complete the project. For more information on this furniture and much more, visit

Happy camping.

If you want to learn more about using and maintaining your RV, visit