Yup, Most of Us Do It Ourselves!

This is the latest question we put to our Rollin' On TV Facebook group. The poll results show 80% do 'Most' of their own maintenance while only a few selected 'None'. Some of the common threads, and unexpected actual comments are:

  • You often look things up on YouTube. We love that RV Education 101 was mentioned.
  • You gain confidence as you go along.
  • The gals are not quite as confident as the guys but you'll get there!
  • You do it to save money and time.
  • Full-time RV Families can't be out of a home to get their RV serviced!

Actual comments and great tips from our awesome group members!

There isn't much that we can't do ourselves. We live in the northeast and keep it covered during the winter and that helps tremendously.

When anything breaks my husband can fix. When the slide broke my husband want out got the gears and fixed it. That is the era that we grow up in and he lived on a farm you had to learn.

We like to do as much as possible ourselves to save money for more trips.

We (well hubby), do most of our maintenance ourselves. The main reason is cost. Secondly, we are fulltime rvers and because of that there's probably more maintenance than a seasonal camper might have. We also don't have the ability to leave our home for extended periods for maintenance because we live in it with our children and dogs. RV maintenance can be expensive, but we've worked really hard to educate ourselves and make sure we are doing it right.

We do all the fixing and maintenance ourselves on the living quarters. Since we have a motorhome, we leave a lot of the engine issues to the professionals.

We do most maintenance and simple fixes ourselves. The dealers take too long. In the northeast we can only camp from April through October.

We prefer to do as much as we can. All about cost saving.

I do all my own maintenance from the roof to the chassis. The more hands on you are with your RV the more knowledge you will gain.

If you're going to be in this hobby, it's best to be as self-reliant as possible. So I've learned to do just about anything. However, I'll leave propane and electrical work to those with the training and tools to professionally solve whatever problems arise. I like saving money, and I like not waiting months to get things fixed.

I do as much as possible, that way I know it has been done correctly. Maintenance is the best way to prevent things from going bad.

We do all are repairs ourselves. Takes too long and is too expensive to take to the dealer.

Small repairs to our 5vr are done by me, modifications as well. We had not had any major repairs, but I will probably tackle it first and if above my skill set I will seek professional help.

We do most of the maintenance ourselves. Only thing we don't do "solo" is wheels and tires. For that we have help from a friend and fellow RV'er that is also an auto mechanic. He has the equipment to do tires properly. If I am unsure on what or how to do something, I reach out to either a well known RV person or watch RV Education 101 videos.

I do all the maintenance on my RV. Who wants to have to wait 3 to 6 weeks for the RV shop to do it?

Most repairs are simple enough except where a warranty covered item is needed repaired. I’ll take advantage of anything free.

I am very handy. I do all the maintenance and upkeep myself.

We try to fix as much as possible, slideout swing, swing out door step ,replace toilet seals and water valves, seal roof and tighten up anything that vibrates loose.

First time as a single owner and I know nothing! I purchased so much insurance/warranty policies I feel as though I either got ripped off or my rv is covered for just about everything.

I do ALL my own maintenance.

I try to do all the maintenance on my travel trailer.

I'm a carpenter, I try to do everything myself. If I don't know, I turn to YouTube.

I try to do all the maintenance and troubleshoot issues by researching owners forums and YouTube videos.

Do as much as we can ourselves. Learn something new daily. Plus the more you do, the better off you'll be out and about if a problem arises.

I also do most of the harder items too. RV dealerships service departments do a lousy job and take a long time. Things that are beyond my skill I call a mobile tech so I can watch, ask questions, and learn.

I'd rather find a problem at home where I have the tools and resources to fix it.

I’ve owned RV’s most of my adult life. It’s a situation that if I don’t maintain it, who will?

I try to do as much as possible such as winterizing and dewinterizing, cleaning and putting on UV protect on EPDM roof and checking the seams around items on roof along with other normal items washing and waxing the trailer. I’ve learned how to do a lot of the maintenance via YouTube.

We are not “handy”! So easy maintenance is ok.

Pretty much do all of our maintenance. Better than paying someone that doesn’t know you or you them. Besides campers are extremely friendly and helpful?

Were new at this so so far we try do our own love our camper though took grandkids out they loved it we all pitch in.

My 33' TT is currently in South Carolina waiting for me to get there in a month or so then will go over entire thing and do complete once over.

Maintenance is a guy thing. I have to pay.

I do my own tires (not greasing the bearings though), battery maintenance, fuses, tank cleaning, exterior washings etc... I don’t mess with LP lines, hot water hearers or furnaces. Leave that stuff to the pros.

Pretty much anything that my husband is capable of doing he does if it isn't under warranty. He will also look things up on the internet to see what's involved in fixing it. If it takes too much time, he sends it to a local auto shop.

My husband and I do everything.

Do my own maintenance, except for big problems. Extended warranty for those issues.

When I bought my first camper, I took it to a dealer for everything till I learned how to do it myself through YouTube videos. I was a new widow and a total newbie when it came to campers. But I’m mechanically inclined so I took to doing almost everything. When I remarried six years later, we both had two campers and that grew to six at one point. He’s taught me a lot...my Mr. FixIt!

I do most all the easy maintenance and my hubby does all the stuff I don’t feel confident doing.

We do some minor things. The big stuff we leave to the pros.

All I can from changing oils to fixing electrical problems.

We do basics and or temporary fixes until we can get to a shop.

Who's gonna work on this ancient beast besides Me? No one.

I started out my work life as an automotive technician and then I taught automotive technology for many years. During those years I did all the work on RV's myself. Now at age 70 I do what I can and the stuff I can't physically do any more, I have someone else do.

Check air in tires but don't replace. Don't grease the bearings. I do fresh water tank cleaning, cleaning and emptying black water tank, refill propane tanks. Clean hot water heater if it starts getting smelly Leave the electrical issues (except breaker and fuses), propane lines and plumbing leaks, etc., to the pros.

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