Ever see a photo or painting that for some reason just resonates with you? That’s just what this picture did when I first saw it exactly ten years ago when we first started Rollin’ On TV.
Today I was going through some old files and photos and ran across the old drawing again .  I remember when I first saw it, it was a wet, cold and  gloomy February day just like it is today. That could be why it resonated with me so quickly. Sunshine, white sandy beach, a nice Chevy Nomad and a cool vintage trailer. Aside from a cooler full of cold Corona what else could you ask for..
All I can remember is looking at the picture and mentally putting myself there. And you know what?  For a few moments there I forgot it was cold winter day.
Fast forward ten years and you know what…. looking at this picture again I found myself mentally back enjoying this beach scene and thinking, hang in there, spring is virtually around the corner.
It’s amazing the power a great photo or drawing can have on one’s mind.   Or, could it be I’m just losing it!  I’m sure our ROTV team has the answer to that.
I hope you enjoy this picture as much as I do.
OK, back to producing the next show.