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Duo-Form Joins Rollin' On TV

We are pleased to announce that Duo Form has joined ROTV as a Branded Sponsor.

Duo Form proudly features RV OEM parts and RV Aftermarket Accessories. Two of their most sought after products are their RV shower forms and RV skylights. And, now, Duo-Form also offers pet accessories with its newly launched Pet Product Division, DUO–PETS.

With 70% of RVers traveling with their pets, there is definitely a market for the DUO–PET products. Duo Form has decided that while there are a lot of good pet products on the market, they have an opportunity to rely on their RV and camping experience to help build specialty pet products that will make camping with a pet easier and more hassle‐free, a niche that they feel has been underserved in the market.

“Pets are a part of the family,” says Mike Gonser, Duo Form Vice President of Operations and pet breeder, “Of course people want to take their four‐legged family members camping with them. So, we’ve taken our knowledge of campers and RVers habits and engineered some interesting, user‐friendly and unique accessories that will make those adventures easier.”

The first product launch for DUO‐PETS is the much‐anticipated GO PET B&B. The GO PET B&B by DUO‐PETS is the first and only hard‐sided luggage designed just for your pet! Perfect for the pet on the go‐ whether you’re camping, RV’ing, or traveling by train or bus‐ this luxurious pet luggage is the absolute best choice for the travel‐savvy pet. Ultra‐durable and hygienic, the specialty‐engineered material luggage case has the bed and breakfast built‐in! The Go PET B&B is easy to pack and fun to take with you, and then easily transforms into an instant comfy travel pet bed and food/water storage station.

Rollin’ On TV is looking forward to working with the Duo Form team as we create some informative and compelling program segments that will be available across all our cross-platform media sources.

About Duo Form
Duo Form is a global market leader in plastic sheet thermoforming with internationally recognized customers in a wide variety of industries including: Recreational Vehicle, Automotive, Work Truck, Medical Equipment, Food Service Equipment and Aerospace & Aviation. Established in 1968, Duo Form Plastics is ISO 9001:2015 process certified with an on‐site design and engineering staff. Duo Form proudly features RV OEM parts, RV Aftermarket Accessories and now Pet Accessories as well.

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