Flytecamp Vintage Restorations

This week Jeff Johnston meets up with Justin Scribner from Flytecamp Vintage Trailer Restorations and gets up-to-date with everything that’s been going on with Flytecamp since we first visited them about four years ago.

At that time, Justin and his wife Anna were just starting their Flytecamp vintage trailer business full-time and it was obvious then that this husband and wife team were destined for something big. Little did we know how big.

Since that first visit, this talented team has been turning out some of the best vintage trailer restorations in the country. Their high quality work and attention to details has paid off big time. Not only did they have to expand the operation to accommodate demand for their work, but the even ended up with their own television show on the Travel Channel called, ‘Flippin’ RV’s”.

If you’ve never seen their work, check out the latest restoration, which we feature on this week’s show. It’s an all fiberglass Holiday House trailer that is absolutely eye catching and, like all their work, flawless.

Now if restoring vintage trailers was not enough, the company is now building their own vintage trailers called the Neutron. They have taken all their skills and knowledge of restoring vintage trailers and transformed that into building.... from the ground up... new, vintage trailers. You can also get a good look at the Neutron on this week’s show.

Watch this interesting story and for more information about Flytecamp Vintage Restorations visit:

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