Getting that Used Trailer ‘Up to Snuff’

Dan's Used Trailer Gets Up to Snuff

There's very few days as exciting as the first day that you bring home your new or slightly used trailer. The one Jeff uses in this show is a 1996 Kit Road Ranger. The owner, Dan Mountjoy, has been going around and doing a little bit of inventorying on it to find out what has to be done to it. It doesn't matter if the trailer is new or used, there are things that you need to do to a trailer before you take it out on your first run.

You need to check the safety things, the functions, make sure everything's working like it's supposed to, make sure all the parts are there and up to date. And that's what Jeff shows us with this trailer.

Mainly, Jeff covers items relating to safety and mobility because it doesn't much matter if the refrigerator works if you can't get the trailer to the campground and back safely.

A day or two of small projects can make a big difference in keeping things together and trouble free en route to your favorite campsites. When you buy a used trailer, you will always have a certain amount of things that have to be done to it. If you're very lucky and you get one that's a turnkey operation, terrific.

Often, though, you may wind up with an older rig like this that needs a little bit of help along the way. Once it gets done, of course, then you can be ready for relatively smooth RV sailing and head out for your first weekend knowing that you can get there safely.

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