Show 2018-06 – Grand Design RV and more!

Grand Design

I can remember when we did a story on Grand Design about four years ago (which by the way was right about when Grand Design was celebrating its first year in business). Even back then, there was something about this company, and specifically its founding partners, that you just knew - this was no ordinary RV start-up.

RV TV ShowFast-forward to today, and that feeling I had back then has been proven. Grand Design has set the bar as far as growth, design, and reputation in virtually every category that success is measured by. The Middlebury, Indiana company just marked another milestone in its short 5-year history by producing its 50,000 unit.

Grand Design’s brands continue to build market share with year-over-year retail sales outpacing the industry’s growth by over four times, according to Statistical Surveys Inc. who monitors the RV industry along with other major industries. Grand Design RV is now a wholly-owned subsidiary of Winnebago Industries Inc.

RV TV ShowRick Kessler, Managing Editor of RVBusiness Magazine, caught up with Don Clark, President and CEO of Grand Design, for a one-on-one interview about the company, its latest awards and to take a look at their newest unit to hit the market… the “Transcend” line of travel trailers.

Visit Grand Design RV and their product line for more information. You can also watch the original RV Television story we did with Grand Design back in 2004 by clicking here.

RV Destinations - The UP

RV TV ShowGuess what? Spring and summer are virtually right around the corner and if you haven’t started yet, it’s time to start thinking about your RV destinations for this year. And, if you think it’s too soon…. Think again. With the continuous growth in RV sales, in both new and pre-owned along with a few other reasons that we’ll save for another story, you may find getting reservations for a campsite a lot more tougher this year. So as the saying goes, “the early bird gets the worm”, so it goes the “the earlier you make your reservations, the odds are you’ll get a spot’. OK.. You get the picture.

RV TV Show, RV Television Show, Michigan UPIf you’re looking for some interesting places to visit this year, you may want to consider this week’s destination story as Jeff Johnston and his wife Pam take us to one of their very favorite locations, The Michigan Upper Peninsula.

If you talk to anyone who has visited the area you’ll get the same response… fantastic destination, plenty to see and do for the whole family in an extremely beautiful area of the country. Check out this week’s destination story and see for yourself. And remember.. Book early. For information on the UP, visit:

RV Education 101… How to Maintain RV Generators

RV TV ShowAs you pretty well know, most RVs have quite a few systems on them and many RVers know, basically how they work and some even know how to properly maintain them.

On this week’s episode, Mark Polk from RV Education 101 shows us all about RV generators, how they work and how you should maintain them to save costly repairs down the road. Check out this weeks segment and remember, if you have a question pertaining to .. well, just about anything with RVs, visit the RV Education 101 website and check out the hundreds of books, DVD’s and downloadable information they have -

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