Great Local Campgrounds – You Don’t Have to Travel Far

Walker Island Campground, Chester, MAThere are times when you just don’t want to drive half day or more to find a great local campground for a short camping trip. Michelle and Laurie from Two Gals And A Dog wanted to get away for just a few days and didn’t want to waste a half day getting there so with a little research, they found the Walker Island Campground and it was only a couple of hours from their home. Actually, they enjoyed it so much they even spent an extra day.

Walker Island Family CampgroundJoin Michelle and Laurie as they show us around the property and all the activities you can enjoy there and in the surrounding area.

Next time you’re thinking about getting away for a couple of days, do check around and you may be surprised how many nice locations you can find less than a tank way. More at 

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