Gulfstream Vintage Cruiser

Next we go from Vintage to Retro as Jeff Johnston and his wife Pam take out a new Gulfstream Vintage Cruiser for the weekend.

As you know, not everyone can own an original vintage trailer, but if you like the vintage look but want today's accommodations and amenities then definitely check out some of the newest retro models trailer on the market.

The Gulfstream Vintage Cruiser is one of the most popular models so we decided to have our RV technical guru and host of the show spend a few days camping in a Vintage Cruiser and give us his normal, to-the-point opinion of this great looking trailer. And the bottom line, Jeff and Pam enjoyed their Vintage Cruiser camping trip. To see the story for yourself, just click on this week’s show.

For additional information on the Gulfstream Vintage Cruiser visit:

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