How to Avoid RV Buyer Mistakes

Mark and Dawn Polk from RV Education show us “How to avoid common RV buyer mistakes” .

Mark has witnessed many poor RV buying decisions in his long history with RVs.

Avoid RV Buyer MistakesOnce you make the decision to purchase an RV, you might feel overwhelmed. There is so much to learn before choosing. If you're aiming for a certain timeframe to become an owner, you've put pressure on yourself.

First mistake, don't make a hasty buying decisions which is common in high pressure environments. Don't be swayed at RV shows by expressions like, 'these discounts are only good for the show' or 'we won't be able to get another one like this floor plan' - do the walkaway and think about it.

Next mistake - it is common to be intimidated with a large size rig and this should not be a factor in the buying decision. Try it, it's not difficult to pull a large rig over a rig that might be too small for you.

More mistakes covered by Mark, of RV Education 101, in this segment.

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