How to inspect, and fix, water damage on your RV

Understanding your RV with RV Education 101

In this segment with Mark Polk of RV Education 101, the topic is how to inspect an RV for water damage. Whether you're purchasing a used RV or you already own an RV, it's a good idea to periodically inspect for any indications of water damage. If you catch a water leak early, it's easier and less expensive to repair, as opposed to a water leak that had time to spread.

Mark lists water damage as the number one problem with RV. There are a couple of reasons for this. When an RV travels down the road, all the movement and flexing can cause sealants to separate. Another problem is over time sealants dry out, crack, and start to separate, especially when the RV is constantly exposed to the elements.

So be sure to watch as Mark demonstrates how to find, and how to repair water leaks, with lots of detailed explanation, in this important segment!

In most situations when you find a crack or sealant that's starting to separate, you can simply clean the area, remove any loose sealant, and add the correct type of sealant to the area. If you do these inspections on a regular basis, you can locate and repair the source of potential water leaks before it has a chance to develop into extensive water damage.

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Mark J. Polk
RV Education 101

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