Innovations in RV Awnings, Renting and RV, and a Cool Campfire Tool

As we kick off the 2018 season we find that the first week of the year the whole ROTV team was involved with the production and taping of the annual RVBusiness, RV Of The Year awards show in Elkhart, Indiana, which airs starting the week of February 11th . (That’s the Sunday after Super Bowl).

Subsequently the brand new show season starts with show #2, next week. This week we brought together some past interesting and timely stories that you may or may not have seen before which are well worth seeing again.


What’s the one component on an RV that makes your camping experience that much more enjoyable? If you said a good awning, you are right. Aside from opening the slide-out if you have one, opening up the awning is one of the first things most RVers will do. As is often said, “you’re not really camping till the awning is out” and that’s so true. Awnings have come a long way in the past few years and there is one company leading the way in RV awning innovation, “Carefree Of Colorado”. On our first segment Jeff Johnston takes a look at what’s new in awnings and awning hardware with the folks at Carefree.

With Spring on the horizon, it’s time to think about upcoming vacations and what better way to see and enjoy our great country than by taking an RVing vacation. Many of you already own RVs and know the joys of hitting the road and exploring our National Parks and vacation areas. But you don’t have to own an RV to enjoy this experience. More and more people are renting RVs and doing so enables you to see how you and your family like RVing before you buy one.

There are numerous RV rental companies around the country and most of them will serve you well. But, there are certain things you should know before renting an RV. On this segment, we visit with Fuller RV Sales and Rentals and chat with Sherry Fuller to find out everything we should know about renting an RV. I’m sure you’ll find this story very interesting and informative.

Later we show you a fantastic campfire tool that will make starting and maintaining your campfire a whole lot easier and…. safer. Jeff Johnston shows us the Fire-Stick (No not the Amazon Firestick). Note: Since we did this story, due to the death of one of the partners in the company, the production of the Fire-Stick was stopped. So if you’re looking how to contact them on line, you can’t. But the good news is, we found out that a new company will be introducing a new Fire-Stick later this year and we’ll definitely keep you posted as we get additional information. So check out this marvelous tool and put it on your list of “must have items” for 2018.

Hope you enjoyed this week’s show and you’ll find the links to the companies and products seen on the show in the article or in our Directory Page.

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