Installing a Cell Phone Booster by RV Education 101

It seems one of the top priorities of most RVers today is “staying connected’. With everyone having phones, tablets, iPads, etc. staying connected is priority one. Installing a cell phone booster may be your solution.

I know... people often say they like RVing because it allows them to get away from it all without modern day interferences. And that’s true, but people still want to stay in touch when they want and they want to share experiences with their friends and family as they happen. To do this, you need some special gear to insure you stay connected.

This week, Mark and Dawn Polk from RV Education 101, show us how relatively easy it is to install your own Cellular Signal Booster in your RV. As you’ll see, it’s really not that difficult and I’m sure you’ll enjoy the boost in connectivity.

You can learn a whole lot from Mark and Dawn and to see all their videos and on-line classes, visit: and

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