Installing the Right Tow Package

Installing the Right Tow Package

The number of people discovering RVing is higher than ever. Some are buying smaller Class B and Class C motorhomes now on the market and others are buying camping or travel trailers. Needless to say, the new lite and ultra-lite trailer market has had a lot to do with this growth in RVing largely because many of these new trailers can be towed with your current vehicle.

Installing brake controlNo matter what size trailer or tow vehicle you have, one critical element is having the proper tow package. What is the proper tow package? That answer has a lot of variables and there are various opinions on what you really need. Like any other decision involving safety, do your homework, talk to an expert (and not just the fellow next door that happens to have a trailer). He may have the correct info and then, maybe not. “Get the picture”.

Installing air bagsWhen it comes to towing equipment there are a lot of really good manufacturers out there so choose one with a known brand that supports their products and can also guide you if needed.

There are also some great books and videos available on the subject and our friends over at RV Education 101 have what ‘we consider’ the best library of videos on any RV subject including towing equipment and installation. (Check them out at )

On this week’s show Jeff Johnston, our own RV expert with over 30 years in the RV technical business, shows us how he set up his own Nissan pickup to enable him to tow the wide variety of trailers he tests and demos on Rollin’ On TV.

Except for the Draw-Tite hitch receiver which was installed by our partners over at Hitch Pro & Tow in Eugene, Oregon, Jeff installed everything else right in his driveway. These other components include a set of Bilstein shocks, a Tekonsha P3 break control system and a Firestone Sport-Rite air helper spring kit (air bag system). Check out the segment and you can decide whether you want to tackle installing your own package or have it done for you.

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