InTech RV “LUNA” Tear Drop Trailer

John DiPietro talks with Rich Schnippel from Intech RV about their new Luna model camping trailer.

This space-age, retro looking little trailer (weighing in at only 1,800lbs), has a lot more to offer than you would think for its size. To say that the Intech designers utilized every inch of space would be a vast understatement. For instance, as you see in the photo, or in the show, John and Rich are standing ‘under’ the rear compartment door… it’s that big. In the rear area you’ll find virtually everything you need to prepare any meal including; a 3-burner stove, stainless steel microwave, large kitchen style sink and slide-out refrigerator.

RV Television Show, RV TV ShowWhat catches your eye at first is the large front tempered glass windshield, which adds to the wide look of the unit. Along with the wide windshield, there are large side windows which allow plenty of light into the trailer and allow for a nice panoramic view when looking out. Another great feature are the two side doors. No more crawling over each other to get in or out.

Inside, the Luna offers plenty of roomy sitting or lounging space, which also makes into a large bed. Think of this…. how many camping trailers this size come with an optional 40” flat screen TV? Check it out for yourself on the show or visit their website at :

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