InTech’s Luna, Zamp Solar, Reese Hitches, Two Gals and A Dog

As we’ve mentioned before, in the RV Industry there are two large annual industry-only shows where RV dealers and people within the industry have an opportunity to see and order products they’ll be selling in the coming year. In this case, the products you see here will be appearing on dealer lots or RV suppliers this year.

This week we show you some of the new products that caught our eye at the Louisville industry show.

InTech RV “LUNA”

We start off by joining John DiPietro as he talks with Rich Schnippel from Intech RV about their new Lunar model camping trailer.

This space-age, retro looking little trailer (weighing in at only 1,800 lbs), has a lot more to offer than you would think for its size. To say that the Intech designers utilized every inch of space would be a vast understatement.

For instance, as you see in the photo, or in the show, John and Rich are standing ‘under’ the rear compartment door… it’s that big. In the rear area you’ll find virtually everything you need to prepare any meal including; a 3-burner stove, stainless steel microwave, large kitchen style sink and slide-out refrigerator.

What catches your eye at first is the large front tempered glass windshield, which adds to the wide look of the unit. Along with the wide windshield, there are large side windows which allow plenty of light into the trailer and allow for a nice panoramic view when looking out. Another great feature are the two side doors. No more crawling over each other to get in or out.

Inside, the Luna offers plenty of roomy sitting or lounging space, which also makes into a large bed. Think of this…. how many camping trailers this size come with an optional 40” flat screen TV? Check it out for yourself on the show or visit their website at :


Next, Jeff Johnston heads over to the supplier and accessory area of the show and visits the Zamp Solar booth where he finds out all about the company's newest offering in the portable solar panel line of products.

When it comes to RV’s, solar power systems are HOT, and Zamp is one of the leaders in solar panel systems and accessories.

If you think I’m kidding, walk through any new RV dealership and you’ll see most new RVs come with the Zamp Solar exterior plug. Check out this new portable solar system on the show or visit Zamp Solar online at:

Reese Products

The next stop for Jeff is the Reese Products booth where he learns all about the new model M-5, 5th wheel hitch designed for the Chevy OEM system.

This new M-5 model has a unique new jaw system, which allows you to just back into the hitch, and it actually, locks itself.

This M-5 model hitch has a lot of other features you’ll see in the story. For more information on this new hitch just log onto:

Two Gals and a Dog

If you’re a regular visitor to our website then you’re probably familiar with Two Gals And A Dog or, in real life, Michelle Fontaine, Laurie Church and Rue, their Boston Terrier.

So you know what we’re talking about, Michelle, who is our social media and marketing director, and her partner Laurie, decided that they wanted to get into Rving. About 6 months ago they bought a new Lance 1575 model travel trailer.

As most of you know, when you start RVing, there’s a lot to learn. Some of those lessons come easy, others, well, not so easy. Add to the fact that you’re now talking about two women learning all about RVing for the first time….. well we thought it would be interesting to share with our viewers the trials and tribulations of two new female RVers so you’ll know what to expect when you join the RV lifestyle.

Anyway, we had Michelle and Laurie join us at this years RV Industry Show and give us their insight and perspective of what caught their eye. Of course, one of the first places they hit was the Lance Camper area.

This week, meet Michelle and Laurie and be sure to watch for them on upcoming episodes of our show, along with Rue of course. You can keep up with the gals on our website or visit their Facebook page at:

RV Education 101

On this week’s episode, Mark and Dawn, of RV Education 101, show us how to drive and handle a motorhome using “reference points’. During this short story Mark demonstrates how easy it is to set up your reference points and how they help when out on the road.

Check out the whole RV Education 101 library at:

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