Jeff reviews the Lance 1172 Truck Camper

A slide-in truck camper is the most versatile RV you can buy. It's compact, easy to drive, comfortable and can go almost anywhere your heart desires. Choose a truck camper and you've officially climbed aboard the RV adventure wagon.

Recently, Jeff took the new Lance 1172 truck camper out to get a first-hand experience with this amazing rig.

As Jeff says, "The Lance 1172, the biggest model, is definitely not your grandpa's truck camper. If grandpa was to see the amount of comfort, luxury, features and utility in a camper like this to say nothing of its' visual beauty, grandpa would be set back on his pins."

Enjoy this review, inside and out,  from Jeff out in this beautiful area of California. More about the Lance 1172 can be found here.

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