Lacey and Cagney get Hitched

Yup, it happened. The two new girls in our lives got 'hitched'... finally!

We delivered the truck to RVs R Us on Monday night and learned they also needed the trailer to hook them together. I shouldn't have been surprised, but being clueless, I was. That meant our very first pulling of the trailer would be much sooner, with no practice, and no one on site helping us. We needed to drive it from Douglas to Oxford, about 20 miles. Back roads mostly. The plan was the breaking system and ball hitch would be put on the truck and we'd retrieve the truck, hook up the trailer and head back so they could finish the job.

About 1am Tuesday morning, I woke up. Being who I am, I went onto Facebook and told the world I was nervous and why. My head knew it would be fine but you know how those middle of the night niggles get exaggerated. Facebook fans/friends are so awesome! And there's always someone else with insomnia to commiserate with and be teased by.

We picked up the truck and proceeded to the 'hitchin' up part! It took us a few minutes to get the truck in just the right place to put the ball under the hitch. That rear view mirror on the truck is amazing. I could see it so clearly! We pondered, and stumbled, and got the rest of the job done! In the photo below is Lacey on her maiden voyage under our ownership!

Laurie drove Lacey pulling Cagney and I drove behind in our car (whose name is Gordon).

Laurie is used to driving big vans. She also has her lawn mower rigged up with a trailer for maintenance of the grounds here, so she's a natural with this. I'm the girly-girl scaredy-cat, can you do it for me?? kind of gal, BUT I feel so accomplished when I push through new challenges.

Mike, at RVs R Us, did a great job and explained the set-up thoroughly. Then he took us for a drive so we could feel what was normal and explained how the breaking system works.

By the time we got home late Tuesday and Lacey and Cagney were tucked back in their place, we were pooped and decided to leave them hitched together. Assuming the easy route, I figured Laurie would unhook the truck when she got a chance and I would watch. Three days went by with her working 12 hours days! Then this happened.

Being capable and in control are good feelings aren't they? We weren't confident enough to actually book any campsites mainly because I didn't want to take the chance of the date of the 'hitchin' being pushed off for whatever reason or having it cost more than expected.

So, NOW we can figure out how to get a few short camping trips in before our big cross-country trip that happens mid October. Summer is flying by isn't it. I saw a Facebook Post that joked how June and July felt like about 5 minutes.

Lots and lots of resources available to find destinations/campgrounds.. almost too many... we'll share our strategies, mistakes and have some fun with you along the way!



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