Lacey and Cagney Meet!

Once Lacey, our new Lance 1575 travel trailer, made it to our home in Douglas, MA it was then time to acquire Cagney. We had decided on a Toyota Tacoma TRD Off-Road. Our motivations has always been to have a great off-road vehicle and, coincidentally, a bed to pull along behind it.

Trying to track down a 2014 Tacoma with those specs was elusive and time was ticking. Finally we found the perfect vehicle 2 towns over, in Dudley. Prepared to make the deal we headed off to McGee's Toyota of Dudley. There she was, sitting there, pretty as can be! The problem was she'd been sold the day before!!

We made the decision we were NOT going to make. We looked at the brand new Tacoma TRD off-road with the exact specs; crew cab, short bed, etc. The asking price wasn't a whole lot more than the 2014. We had saved some from our budget on the Lance payment so decided to pay more for the Tacoma payment. YUP, we did that.

In regards to the affordability, both Lacey and Cagney are business tools.

Lacey brings the 2nd home deductions - all the interest, insurance, etc. are tax deductible for anyone as a second home.

Cagney is part of Two Gals and a Dog.  Our photography/journalism projects on the road for Two Gals and a Dog and Rollin' on TV make the insurance, gas, repairs, interest on the loan... all deductible. It will also be our traveling office for Wallis Cove and FBSmarty. If you have a dream of being on the road, make it come true like we have!

When we got Cagney home, we introduced her to Lacey. They'd better get along because they'll be Hitched on August 1st! We are comfortable that Cagney can pull Lacey with plenty of power left over.

As to who will do the 'hitchin' and what equipment they'll be installing on Cagney, that's another story, but the owner, Mike, and his son Mikey, are quite the characters. We'll try to capture their personalities for you! RVs R Us was recommended by several RV friends. I was hoping for a quick appointment for the 'hitchin' but their first opening was August 1st. Yes, RVing is a BOOMING industry.

Thanks for watching our dream come true. We hope to inspire you to achieve your dream too!

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