Lacey – Lance 1575 – has Arrived!

Anthropomorphism, the personification of inanimate objects, goes way back into ancient storytelling and traditional fables. So, we pondered... what should we call our new Lance travel trailer. It, and the truck we'll get next will be a unit, so what two women come to mind who are strong, human and well-known to our generation. Cagney and Lacey!

On June 28, 2017, Pam and Hans of Happy Camping RV Sales, drove almost 300 miles to delivery Lacey to us. We were just a LITTLE excited!

Hans spent the next hour walking us through every detail of Lacey. Some stuck and some went right over my head. Laurie absorbed more. One interesting thing Max said was, 'For every minute your frig is open, it will take an hour to get to the cold temp again.' He also told us to put his phone number on speed dial and to call with ANY questions. We may test him on that one! His background is teaching and you can tell he loves it. We don't have personal experience with any RV dealers but I do think Pam and Max stand out when it comes to not just making a sale but developing a lasting relationship.

After we had supper on the deck, Pam brought out the paperwork. Because they are in New York and we are in Massachusetts... and because we don't have the tow vehicle yet,  we can't register the trailer. I wondered how the lien would be assigned without being able to register it. The solution? I signed an agreement that we would put the lien on the trailer when we did register it.

The next step in the paperwork is getting the sales tax paid within 10 days of the sale. I'm thankful our local insurance agent will run that up to the RMV office for us for $7. Well worth it when you consider how much of a day can be used up with that task.

What's next? We've decided on a slightly used Toyota Tacoma, 4WD, 6 cyl, TRD off-road, crew cab, short bed, tow package, bed liner and bed cover... whose name will be Cagney! At first we wanted a Jeep but that would have barely been enough to pull the Lance 1575. Jeep is rated for 3500 GVWR and this Trailer is 3750 GVWR. The Tacoma will give us plenty of pulling power and, if we want a larger trailer, we have some flexibility. And the off-roading capability, like the Jeep,  will get us way up into the mountains and back roads we want to explore. Now we just need to find her. This weekend we start looking!

And here is a fitting end to today's story. Rue, like all dogs, has a routine. When it's time for bed, she goes 'out' one more time then heads down the hall. She stands up with her two front paws on the bed waiting to be picked up and placed on the bed. Our first night with Lacey we looked out and, darn, there was a light on inside the trailer. We put on our shoes, put Rue's leash on and we walked out to Lacey. Rue had not yet explored our new home on wheels. We opened the door and she hopped right in, looked around and immediately went to the bed and stood up with her paws on the bed. She didn't care where we were sleeping, it was bedtime!

Thanks for following us on this new journey!

Two Gals and a Dog
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