Lance 1475 AND 1575 Travel Trailer Upgrades

Before we start this story on the new Lance Camper models, we just learned that the REV Group, has just purchased the Lance Camper Manufacturing Corp. In case you’re not familiar with the REV Group, they also manufacture American Coach, Fleetwood, Monaco, Holiday Rambler and Renegade RVs.

Based on industry information, don’t expect any changes in Lance Camper products or operations. Lance Camper will continue to be led by its founders, Jack Cole and Jeff Souleles. Lance Camper has brought out some interesting new and restyled products for 2018 and a couple of their popular models the 1475 and 1575 camping trailers have undergone a substantial change that I’m sure everyone will like.

At the Elkhart Industry Open House, our friend and colleague Bob Zagami met with Gary Conley from Lance Camper and had Gary explain all the changes in the 2018, 1475 and 1575 model trailers.

One of the most obvious visual changes is the addition of that nice large front window, or ‘windshield’, as it is often referred to. Along with some new outside graphics and a little higher ground clearance, exterior wise it’s still the same two models everyone loves.

Inside you’ll also see some minor changes and improvements to various areas. The one thing that makes Lance products so reputable year after year is that the company doesn’t change things for the sake of change… they change things because it’s going to make something better either functionally or esthetically. See for yourself on this week’s show.


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