Meet our Awning Contest Winners, Visiting Haleakala National Park, Installing Flooring and Backsplash – Rollin’ On TV Show 2019-20

Meet our Interesting Contest Winners

Jeff: Greetings, if you follow our show, you know that we have quite a few giveaways for different prizes. A couple of months ago, along with our partners at Carefree of Colorado, we gave away a Carefree of Colorado electric powered awning. Well, as luck would have it, the winners are just a few miles away from our home here in Eugene, Oregon, so we thought it would be kind of fun to run up there, catch up with them, and see how they're enjoying their new awning.

So, let's head up there and meet Joe and Helen Hesketh. The Columbia Riverfront RV Park is the Heskeths' current abode on the road. It's a fine facility with a fantastic view of the Columbia River and its traffic, and a great place to hang out for awhile. Jeff: And imagine that, we found them right here in beautiful Woodland, Washington, just a few hours away from home.

The Carefree awning installation went well, and it operates just as it should. Next, the Heskeths still had to figure out the zip locker shade accessory installation. (Jeff then helped with the zip blocker installation.)

Joe: We got our first RV in 1978. Got a little Minnie Winnie, it was 19 feet long I think, with eight kids. And we kept that thing for 17 years, and that's when we started this family camping tradition. This is a 1998 Suncruiser. It was a '97 Ford engine. We bought it in 1999, and we've had it ever since. We got--only got 92,000 miles on it. But we went out full-time with it, so we got lots of places we've traveled and to see there, so we use it a lot. We go to a lot of rallies and things too.

Helen: We did take one trip across the country. And that was quite a trip. We have a very small family, eight children, thirty-five great-- thirty-five grandchildren and thirty great-grandchildren, with one more on the way.

We've been writing love letters there to one another every single day since 1974 after we went on a marriage kind of weekend
which kind of changed our lives a little bit. We're much known for holding hands everyplace we go.

We belong to an RV group that's called the Evergreen Winnies, and we as a group go out all over and spend the weekend together. And sometimes we sightsee, sometimes we just sit around and play cards, eat a lot of food. But we have very good friends through that group.

I enter contests all the time. Every now and then, you win something, you know? So, we won a trip to Daytona 500 one year just because we paid our bill with a credit card somewhere, so I don't know. Keep trying to do stuff, so. I thought I had--I was surprised when we won the contest because it came on April Fools day. And I almost didn't open the email, it just said, "You have won." I said, "Sure I won. What did I win?" And as I read it, I said, "This sounds more serious. I think maybe this is true." The more I looked at it and then I said, "Yeah, this is legitimate. We have won the awning."

So, the next time you see a contest on "Rollin' On TV," make sure you enter it 'cause you could be the winner.

Jeff: It's great fun when a contest prize goes to someone who can really use it, and will share it with friends and family. Congratulations, Joe and Helen.

The Russos visit Haleakala National Park

We're the Russos - Joe Russo: This week, we head to Haleakala National Park, take a dip in the Seven Sacred Pools, and watch the sunset from the summit. It's supposed to be half a mile walk.

Joe: Okay. It's just after 9 a.m. We camped here last night and figured we'd come to the pools today. We drove by it yesterday, it was just absolutely packed. And looking at them today, it looks like we might have them to ourselves.

Joe: I am, to the summit. We're at 8,800 feet. If we just wait a few minutes, the clouds might clear up. And it's kind of amazing how much the weather changes and how much the clouds move. I can't wait to see what the time lapse looks like.

Kait: When I think of Maui, I think sandy beaches and Mai tais. And it's very different up here, well worth the trip. Joe: Yes. Oh look, snow. We are feeling the high altitude. I'm going to make some coffee. Ready to go check out the sunset It's supposed to set in about 20 minutes. Lots of cloud right now, but the sun is breaking through a little bit.

We should probably head back down the hill and skip the sunrise because I'm afraid the lines might get too cold and possibly freeze.

Kait: Got my little official stamp, survived the summit, Haleakala National Park. Joe: I wouldn't normally consider myself a birder, but those birds were absolutely gorgeous. Well, my love, our time here is coming to an end.

Kait: I definitely want to come back and do some more vanning around Maui. Joe: Absolutely. Visit for more.

Installing an Infinity Luxury Woven Floor - Part 1

Hi, Michelle and Laurie here. We've had our Lance trailer for two full years going onto the third year. It's time to personalize it a little bit. And we've decided to upgrade our flooring and do the install ourselves.

Michelle: A year ago, I went to the RV open house in Elkhart. And I got to see so many RVs. And many of the higher end RVs had this really nice, cushy floor. It wasn't rug, it was a vinyl woven top, but it was cushy and so nice under the feet. So, we're going to use this product, Infinity Luxury Woven Flooring, and do it ourselves.

Our samples have arrived. And we have to eliminate some first. After deliberation we choose our flooring! Some of the other places we'll put this besides obviously the floor are underneath the cupboards and also where your feet kick here. We have had some scratches and nicks and unsightly little things, so we want to protect this board, so we're going to do that as well.

We know this flooring comes 8'6 wide. Laurie took all the measurements, as I put them down here and roughly sketched out on graph paper what we need. Most important because I'm going to refine this are these dimensions are exact and order our flooring. To order it go to /apps/store-locator.

All right, so our luxury woven vinyl flooring has been ordered. Watch for us next week on "Rollin' On TV," where you'll see us actually install this floor!

Upgrading your RV with RV Education 101

Mark Polk: Hi, I'm Mark Polk with RV Education 101. When your RV gets a little aged, there are lots of simple and inexpensive and fun upgrades you can make to keep it looking new and up to date. I attend lots of RV shows, and something I really like is the look of a tile backsplash behind the kitchen countertops in an RV. I've done some tilework in the past, but for this upgrade, I found a product that eliminates cutting the tile, using adhesive, messing with grout, and the added weight of real tile. It's a peel and stick tile product that's available at home improvement stores like Lowe's and Home Depot.

Let's install some peel and stick tile right now. The first step is to measure the surface area you plan to cover with tile. Ours is approximately ten feet by two feet, so we need enough peel and stick tile to cover 20 square feet of surface area. Check the coverage area on the tile product and do the math to make sure you get enough tile for your project.

There are lots of different colors, shapes, and designs available, so you can select one that complements the area you are working on. I always say the key to a good finished product is the preparation and planning that goes into the job. In this case, prepping the surface area will pay big dividends in the final product. Make sure any power going to the RV is turned off, and remove any outlet or light switch covers from the area you'll be working in. I use a scuff pad like this to scuff the surface so the tile will adhere properly.

Next, clean the surface area with a wet sponge or rag and a degreasing agent, and let dry. Normally, when you're working on a tile project, you start in the middle of the surface area and work your way out to the edges. But with this peel and stick brand tile, the way the overlap is designed, I need to start on one of the edges and work my way across the project area.

I am using the top molding of the countertop and the door edge as my border and my straight edge. If you can apply a full sheet of tile, simply remove the backing material and carefully set it in place.

If cutting is necessary, get your measurements and cut the tile on a smooth, flat surface using scissors or a box cutter with a sharp blade. A quick and easy way to figure out how to cut the peel and stick tile where there's curves or multiple cuts involved is just take the backing surface off one of the peel and stick tiles, put it up exactly where it's going to be placed, draw a pattern, and then sketch that pattern on one of the tiles and make your cuts.

Adding a tile backsplash to your RV is a fun project and a simple design solution to update the look of your RV. You can add this peel and stick tile to your RV kitchen, bathroom, or wherever you like. So, what are you waiting for? Take some measurements, get some peel and stick tile, and get started on your own RV upgrade project today.

Visit us at and our on-line training can be found at

Happy camping.

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