New Horizons Fifth Wheel RV

Full-time and semi full-timers have different needs in an RV than someone that hits the road for a weekend or even a couple of weeks at a time and not all RVs fill that need.

New Horizons, RV Television Show, RV TV ShowOne such company that does, is New Horizons RV located in Junction City, Kansas. The company has been building high-end, custom crafted 5th wheels since 1989. The company builds, basically, two lines. The Majestic, which runs from 32’ all the way up to 48’ in length and the newly engineered Summit line.

The Majestic line is the ‘full-custom’ line and allows you to virtually design any floor plan and design anything you want into the unit. Keep in mind that when we say custom built that means from the ground up. Many companies purchase their chassis from outside venders and modify them as needed.

New Horizons RV, RV Television ShowAt New Horizons, the custom build starts with the chassis because each one is built in-house for each unit’s specific needs. From there…. the sky’s the limit as you get just about anything you want built into your trailer. Of course all this comes at a cost and that’s why the Majestic is the company’s high-end model.

The fact that not everyone can afford a Majestic model and would still love to have the build quality and pride in owning a New Horizon trailer, the New Horizons 5th Wheel, RV Television Showcompany has restructured its Summit line to make it more accessible and affordable to more RVers. What the company has done is to standardize a few floor plans and options that the buyer can choose from in each package thus standardizing the build process, which makes the model more affordable.

Aside from standardizing a few floor plans, everything else is still the same as all other New Horizon trailers, including the in-house built frame and quality products and construction. In other words, you can live in your New Horizons trailer year round with all the comforts and conveniences you would expect from a company that specializes in building year-round model 5th wheels. For more information visit:

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