New RV Toilet Product from Thetford

Controlling holding tank odor is something everyone should care about and this week, Jeff shows us a new item Thetford has just launched that now makes the job a whole lot easier. The Thetford Aqua-Kem® Shotz are packets that are dropped into the toilet and down into the black tank.

These packets contain the same proven reliable chemical as we are used to using in the liquid product which has been the #1 RV holding tank product for 50 years! Each packet is about 2” square. Drop one in and it dissolves and releases the chemical into your tank. There are 24 packets in the fragrance of your choice in each 1 lb container. The square container fits nicely in any RV storage compartment. Each packet is good for up to 40 gallons of waste tank capacity.

Check out the new Aqua-Kem® Shotz at your favorite camping store.

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