Ocean Lakes Campground, Myrtle Beach

John DiPietro: "Hi, everybody. This is John DiPietro for "Rollin' on TV" and in this segment we visit beautiful Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

We're staying at the great, fabulous, wonderful Ocean Lakes Family Campground, which is situated right on the Atlantic Ocean.

Myrtle Beach is one city in an area called the Grand Strand, which stretches from north to south, right on the Atlantic, with over 40 miles of family-friendly beaches.

Let's go see what's going on here at Ocean Lakes and the area immediately around us."

Barbara Krumm: "Ocean Lakes Family Campground does have a lot of water. We have one mile of ocean front and then we also have five large lakes that you can fish in. We have 859 campsites for RVs and tents. Most of our sites are average 45 feet long and 35 feet wide. We have some that are much larger, up to 80 feet long.

You don't have to be a camper to enjoy this campground. You can rent a house that sleeps 6 to 22 guests, 5, 6 bedrooms, 4 baths.

The waterpark opened May 2016. It has 68,000 square feet of pool deck, 2 very large slides, a mat racer with 4 lanes, a tube slide with single and double riders, a huge adventure river with 17,000 square feet of water. It will take you about 15 minutes to coast around that.

The Sunrise Service was a really important feature that we started many, many years ago. Mr. and Mrs. Jackson, our co-founders, believe in church. It's a big part of our campground. We have Sunday church service every week and the Sunrise Service is a huge tradition, with about 2,500 guests attending the 6:30 a.m. service.

The golf cart is a huge part of Ocean Lakes culture, and it's not anything our team invented. It just, kind of, evolved over the years and although Mr. Jackson our--one of our founders, he loved the 4th of July golf cart parade, the guests were not happy with just that, so every evening around 7 o'clock along the Ocean Lakes front drive there on the beachfront you will see hundreds of people line up with their golf cars and drive back and forth along that mile of oceanfront, high fiving, cheering each other on, all ages. We have guards placed down there, as this event took on its own life, and I'm trying to make sure that it stays family friendly and kind.

John: "After you've taken part in all the activities at the campground, one of the things that you may wanna do is venture outside. There is so much to do here at Myrtle Beach, from great golf, to legendary concert performances, to great local restaurants, and amusement parks."

Be sure to check out this show for more on Myrtle Beach in including a few things on RV care. For information on the major campgrounds in Myrtle Beach go to campmyrtlebeach.com.

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