Contest Winners and Rollin’ On TV Team Up!

Congratulations to Ava Snyder of Concord, CA! Ava is on the left and her wife, Juanita, on the right! Gals, it was so much fun learning more about you and your dream of getting your first RV!! And Happy 30th Anniversary!

Here are a few highlights of the trip during the time they spent with us. These adventurous and energetic ladies were so much fun to spend time with. Watch for their segment on an upcoming Rollin' On TV show.

Because they are in the research stage of RV shopping, this trip was also one of great education. Jeff Johnston, in particular, knows about everything there is to know in the RV world and enjoyed answering many questions and offered insights.

Ava and Juanita's introduction to the Rollin' On TV team and friends was at our Best Western hotel.

Bob Zagami, who is certainly an important member of our team, set up for the RVing in New England Talk Show he, and co-host John DiPietro, produce every Wednesday for the New England RV Dealer's Association. He hasn't missed a week in over a year and he can make any location work!

His guest was Mandy Leazenby, President of Certified Green RVs and we all got to be part of his live audience as they chatted about an important topic, certification for safe RV environments. Ava also got on the show as Bob introduced her as the ROTV winner.

The next day was show day at the Northern Indiana Event Center which is located in the RV/MH Hall of Fame!

The girls got a tour of the RV Hall of Fame before the Award Show with Jeff Johnston following them around with his video camera. The RV/MH Hall of Fame is "Dedicated to preserving the history and honoring the pioneers and individuals who have made significant contributions to the RV and Manufactured Housing industries . . ." 

Enjoy this look at the RV/MH Hall of Fame featured on their website.

After the tour, Jeff interviewed them in the show area giving Jeff some of their background, what they think of the contest and what their future plans are!

During the actual taping of the show, AVA was called up to receive a gift basket containing local products from the Elkhart region. Yum!

Ava accepts the local gift basket from Rick Kessler and Alison Hayes.

This 2019 RV of the Year Award show will air the week of January 13th!  After the Award Show and it's festivities, we all attended the RVBusiness Industry party down the street at a well known Italian restaurant. With tired feet and smiles of satisfaction, the ROTV team called it a night!

Jayco co-sponsored the contest and, the following day, we all visited Jayco’s headquarters and production facility for a personal behind the scenes tour.

left to right: Juanita Reyes, John MacDonald(back), Jose Moniz, Jeff Johnston(back), Ava Snyder

The Visitor's Center is so homey with part of the original farm house set up as a museum.

John MacDonald, Jayco's Corporate Brand Ambassador, personally took Ava and Juanita along with Jeff, Michelle, Jose, Sandy and Suzie on a very informative tour of the Jayco plant. We got to see the production line of their 5th wheel beauties!

Jayco is celebrating 60 years of wonderful 'memory making' and you can feel the family ties even to this day! Rollin' On TV covered their anniversary here.

Congratulations to Ava and Juanita! And, by the way, everything was recorded for an upcoming episode of Rollin’ On TV! Watch for it!

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