Chef Corso Comes to RVing Today! 

Eating is a huge part of camping and the outdoors. But we don’t necessarily want to take a lot of time preparing it. On the other hand, we want it tasty!!

Introducing Chef Corso! Starting in Season 4, you’ll see Chef in action creating simple yet tasty… yum…. meals! 

 “I’ve been cooking for over 20 years, training in Napa Valley and later in Italy and Australia. Most of my career as a chef was spent in recipe testing, product development and training. The Pacific Northwest is where I call home but I’m often vagabonding around the country connecting with the community and the outdoors.   I can’t wait to share these fast, easy and tasty recipes with you.  I want you to be able to make an amazing meal anywhere you go outdoors! “

~ Chef Corso is your culinary guide to the outdoors and he’s here to put you on the path to amazing meals where ever your adventure takes you. It all started on a few of his backpacking trips into the North Cascades National Park. He noticed that most camp food was a little lacking… either freeze-dried, heavily salted or out of a bag; and you can only eat granola bars, jerky and trail mix for so long.

He knew there could be something better…

So he started testing recipes with the hiker and camper in mind. Easy to pack up, easy to shop for, mindful of pack weight and volume and amazingly tasty at camp.

From the Pacific Northwest, he’s also a classically trained chef trained in Italy and California with over 20+ years of restaurant and food development experience. But he’s chosen to take his knife to a mountain ridge rather than a fancy fine dining restaurant. Whatever outdoor activity you’re into, whatever your dietary restriction, he has you covered!

Jeff found Chef Corso at a recent RV show. He, and we, knew right away he was the one we’d been looking for! We trust you’ll agree when you meet him on the show in Season 4!

In the meantime be sure to check out his website, Facebook, TikTokInstagram, Pinterest and YouTube channels for a ton of free recipes to get you going!


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