The Phenomena of Quartzsite!

Perfect Venue for RV Suppliers

When you ask someone what Quartzsite is you'll get some interesting answers. Billy DiDonato, Head Trainer for Truma Corporation, spent time at Quartzsite representing Truma products. We caught up with Billy at La Mesa RV in Tucson during an install of a Truma AquaGo system. When asked how he would describe Quartzsite, he rolled his eyes and said, "Well, Quartzsite is unique, it's more like something you need to experience!" And, he added, "Quartzsite is the perfect venue for suppliers and vendors to showcase their products directly to customers. Being a supplier ourselves, Truma spent the entirety of the show successfully educating visitors on the systems we offer that make the RV’ing experience much more comfortable and enjoyable; The Truma Combi and Truma AquaGo."

Technically, Quartzsite, AZ is described as a former gold mining town that annually hosts what is commonly billed as the “the largest gathering of RVers in the nation.”

In this, just off the press article by Dave Barbulesco of RV Business, "Quartzsite... is back to “the good old days,” according to Curt Curtis, owner of multilocation dealerPaul Evert’s RV which has served as the show’s exclusive dealer since 2000.

“The traffic is unbelievable,” Curtis told “If you’re trying to get here by car it will take you an hour to go a mile. It’s back to where we were before the economy took a dive. There’s a really good vibe with consumers — stocks are up, interest rates are low, and people have more disposable income and they’re spending it. So it’s good time to be in the RV business.” Check out the rest of this article on RVBusiness.

Fantastic Gathering Spot to Boondock with Free BML Land

Quartzsite is also a regular event for RVing Women, an organization of approximately 2000 women nationwide. As Two Gals and a Dog, we recently joined RVing Women, but we couldn't attend this Quartzsite due to the lack of hot water in our trailer and not wanting to rough it that much! However, we did wave to it as we drove by on our way to Blythe, AZ and a full hook-up set-up there, and promised we'd be there next year!

As reported by Jan Miller and Mary Ellen Kroes of RVing Women ~ "Over 90 women in 58 rigs and one tent enjoyed the traditional RVing Women Quartzsite gathering January 18 – 22, 2018. Not only did the attendees gather together at the RVing Women desert setting, but they also enjoyed trips to various attractions such as the Quartzsite Sports, Vacation & RV Show, the Desert Bar, area wildlife refuges and ATV trails, and a nightly campfire to recap the days adventures.

Our rally site was reserved and protected by early arrivals, including Dee Evans, Diane Tricomi and Yvonne Johnson, who assured not only that our reflective signs were in place, but also that no other RV enthusiasts chose our beautiful site for their camping!

An opening Meet and Greet followed the presentation and was attended by over 70 women, many of whom were in Quartzsite for the first time and boondocking for the first time. All agreed that the warm weather and the abundant attendance made for a great opening event!

The afternoon had RVW members presenting various topics and later comments enthusiastically commended the speakers. We learned about Pack Rat management (and prevention) by Diane Tricomi, and about refrigerator installation and maintenance, by Madelyn Borthick. All present were impressed by her expertise not only in managing the complexities of the installation, but also by surviving maneuvering a refrigerator in and out of a rig when the unit weighed more than the installer!! Later member discussions involved tips for rig management, including electrical power surge protection, generator tips, and the importance of finding service professionals who we can trust to manage the major systems in our rigs.

Saturday many attendees fired up their ATV’s for exploring, or set out to explore the 36th Annual Quartzsite Sports & Vacation RV Show. In the “Big Tent” were many booths to visit, including RV supplies, travel and camping resources, cooking or health-related items, and all things that we didn’t know we needed but simply had to buy! Outside the tent were even more booths related to travel, RV, swap meet areas or food, so that no one lacked something of interest to explore. The biggest challenge was surviving the “big crawl” of traffic to and from the tent area and the surrounding displays.

This is a town of about 3000 that boasts over a million RV visitors in the winter months. Its one of those ‘RV happenings’ that we needed to do at least once. Our gathering place is out in the desert. How do you have a campfire for over 100 women? Make 4 of them, of course!"

So, if Quartzsite isn't on your bucket list, maybe it should be?


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