RV Education 101 – Portable Solar Systems

Zamp Portable Solar systems explained by Mark Polk

With more and more people using electronic devices and spending more time ‘off-the- grid’, so to speak, many RVer’s interest and demand for RV solar systems has increased.

If you don’t own a large motorhome of trailer with lots of roof space, where to mount those solar panels becomes a problem. Well… was a problem until companies like Zamp Solar created functional portable solar systems.

According to their website, "Zamp Solar allows you to cut the cord and camp free of electrical connections and noisy generators. Utilizing solar energy to recharge your RV allows you to adventure further off the grid while increasing the life of your RV Batteries up to 300%"

This week Mark and Dawn of RV Education 101 show us just how practical and simple it is to set up your RV for portable solar panel use. Mark also explains the basics of how solar systems work and how to figure out what size system you’ll need to meet your requirement.

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