President of Women’s RV Group Shares Perspective

When we attended our first RVing Women (RVW) rally, we shared stories and had some laughs with the group. We invited them to come to our site and tell their stories for and perhaps the Rollin' On TV show itself. Linda Brown, President of the National RVing Women organization, generously offered to give us an interview.

Linda has been RVing since 1987 and that doesn't count the childhood days of camping in a tent. She's been a member of RVing Women since 1986. She is currently finishing up as National President.

RVing women has approximately 2000 members across the continental US. There are also 30 members in Canada who come across the border for events. RVW began in 1991 as 2 women, looking for other like minded women, set up a meeting at a large campground. Over 30 women turned up and before they knew it, the organization was born and has grown to 2000 members.

RVing Women is made up of all women, minimum age 18, no maximum age. Many are in their 80s and 90s still traveling and driving their rigs. About 50% are couples and 50% are solo women. Some travel a little, some are full-timers. They provide a safe traveling environment, advice, communication and other kinds of support.

With this group, Laurie and I, as RV Newbies, will become comfortable with boondocking which is our next RVing Women rally at the huge Quartzsite event in January. We also met Gail, who has a Lance 1685 which is the next size to our 1575. Gail is super crafty and has made some excellent modifications to her Lance. With her guidance we will make some to ours!

When asked what kind of questions come up the most, Linda said it's really across the board. A lot of questions come up about their particular RVs. RVW offers two professional driving classes each year and offers teaching on many subjects. Linda offers advice about purchasing an RV in the video above.

The mission statement of RVing Women - Provide women RVers, regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation, disability or financial status, a supportive network and the opportunity to enjoy the RVing lifestyle in a safe and knowledgeable manner. Vision: A premier organization for women interested in the RVing lifestyle.

In conclusion, Linda advises, "I would say to all of you, don't be afraid to get out there on the road. There is the fear of doing it and the fear of not doing it. You are never going to know until you get out there one foot at a time, one mile at a time and go from A to B."

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