Replacing an RV Fan with RV 101

Replacing an RV Roof Fan by RV Education 101

Mark Polk: "Hi, and welcome to another segment of RV 101, understanding your RV. I'm Mark Polk and I'll be your host today. Today's topic is RV roof vents and how to install a high speed ventilation fan on your RV.

When you purchase an RV, it will typically come equipped with standard roof vents in some of the roof openings. In the bathroom, the roof vent typically has a small built-in 12 volt fan for ventilation. A really nice upgrade you can do on your RV is to replace the existing roof vent with a high-powered ventilation fan.

This particular fan by Max Air offers intake and exhaust functions, and it is operated manually. We are going to replace an older unit that no longer works on our RV to demonstrate the installation process. Let's go up on the roof and get started."

Watch the show for the rest of the step by step detailed installation of the Max Air fan by Mark Polk." For more information about using and maintaining your RV, visit

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