Roadtrip through South Dakota with Joe and Kait Russo

Joe: This week, Kait and I take you on a roadtrip through South Dakota, our 44th state in an RV. Learn more about the Russos at

The mammoth site is a research facility where you can tour an active dig site of mammoth remains found in an old sinkhole. If you are going to be at mammoth site, they do have RV parking.

The next stop is Wind Cave National Park, where we take Charlie the lab for a stroll. I just talked to the ranger, and they have two dog-friendly nature trails at the park. Let's go to the one that's right by the visitor center here.

I was just looking at the map, and there's a section of Needles Highway that is only 9'10 tall with the tunnel. And this is I think just around 11, so we can only go, let's see, this far up to Sylvan Lake.

Kait and I walked the Presidential Trail of Mount Rushmore to see the four presidents from different vantage points.

The trail is awesome, and it gives you a number of different views of the presidents that you would never see from down below. Looking at it straight on, you don't get the full complexity of everything. And I didn't even realize that they had kind of carved in glasses for Teddy Roosevelt. Mount Rushmore was amazing, and
now we're off to the Badlands.

Be sure to watch the show for much more on Joe and Kait's South Dakota roadtrip. And follow then at weretherussos.comĀ 

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