Rollin’ On TV expands to ROKU!

News Release

May 1, 2019

Mattapoisett, MA. We are happy to announce another major viewership expansion with the addition of our Rollin’ On TV ‘ROKU’ channel.

As we continue to expand our linear television presence on traditional cable and satellite stations and sports networks, it’s also necessary to have a large digital presence both online and through traditional streaming media outlets like ROKU.

We’ve been quietly expanding our cross-platform capabilities over the past couple of years and we are happy to say that, in 2019, ROTV reaches more households and video screens than any other RV / Camping based weekly program.

Our digital / streaming media expansion has been spearheaded by Michelle Fontaine, who’s in charge of our marketing and online / digital operations.

With the addition of ROKU, with a 27-million active subscriber base, plus our numerous streaming media outlets operated by each of our television stations, ROTV now has a national household reach well over 70-million homes. That number includes our television reach of over 40-million homes.

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