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Rollin' On TV and RV Enthusiast Magazine Form Partnership

For Immediate Release

SOUTH BEND, IN: Combining the strengths of the nation’s #1 weekly RV and Camping television show and North America’s premier RV how-to magazine, Rollin’ On TV and RV Enthusiast magazine recently announced a partnership that will benefit RVers with useful technical information and “how-to” content.

This partnership between RV Enthusiast magazine (RVE) and Rollin’ On TV (ROTV) will allow both companies to present stories across multiple media venues, which will provide readers and viewers with the opportunity to get their information from multiple media sources –how, when and where they want it.

Specifically, ROTV will feature a story with one of the staff from RVE which may be edited for television, but RV Enthusiast magazine subscribers will also be able to visit and read the full article after watching the video. In addition, RV Enthusiast will preview upcoming segments on its website, giving readers a “heads-up” as to the ROTV content and air date.

As the popularity of the RV lifestyle continues to grow, RVers regularly seek information on how to repair and upgrade their RVs, but with a multitude of information sources available online–some accurate, some not–the credibility and experience of those sources is more important than ever. When combining the RV technical and editorial experience of the RVE staff with the RV and broadcast experience of the ROTV staff, viewers and readers will benefit from more than 200 years of practical RV knowledge.

RVers will start seeing this “cross platform” media package starting July 4th on Rollin’ On TV and in the September issue of RV Enthusiast magazine.

Media Contacts:
Rollin’ On TV: Michelle Fontaine
(508) 769-9137

RV Enthusiast: Bob Livingston
800-830-9729 X3


Rollin’ On TV is celebrating 11 years in 2021 and has a current household reach of over 40-million homes on both cable and satellite TV networks, along with streaming outlets including ROKU, Amazon Fire, Vimeo and YouTube, Rollin’ On TV has an average actual weekly viewing audience of well over 400,000 homes.

RV Enthusiast magazine is a monthly digital publication and online resource that helps RVers maintain, repair and upgrade their RVs with step-by-step “how-to” articles and technical overviews. Staffed by some of the most experienced and knowledgeable RV journalists in the business, RV Enthusiast is uniquely qualified to present its readers with real-world information they can use to keep their RVs on the road.