Rugged Mountain at the 2018 Open House

On this week’s show we head back to the 2018 RV industry Open House in Elkhart, Indiana to check out new offerings that many of the manufacturers are bringing out for next year. We're scouting for ‘What’s Hot for 2019!”.

As we mentioned before, this is an industry only event and it is huge. The Open House stretches from the RVMH Museum and Northern Indiana Convention Center out to County Rd. 17 and up County Rd. 6 for at least a mile. In other words, you have to drive some if you expect to see most of the displays.

Heading back to the RVMH area, Jeff spotted an eye catching new truck camper built by Rugged Mountain.

The outside was somewhat standard looking with a few unique features but it’s when you looked at the interior that you got that WOW factor.

Not only was the unit spacious, but the overall design and use of new interior materials definitely sets this truck camper apart from its competitors.

Be sure to check out this week’s show and see these new models for yourself and tell us your opinions.

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