Why RV? For these Gals, it’s About Dogs, Toys and Friends!

We met Kelly Quinn and Kara Anderson through our Two Gals and a Dog Facebook page. Sometimes you get a feel for people even through social media. That's the way it felt. Kara was quick to reach out to us and create a connection. So we decided to take them up on their offer to join a small group of friends out in the middle of nowhere to celebrate New Year's Eve.

It was beautiful weather outside of Wickenburg, AZ when we arrived at Vulture Peak Rd, turned left onto the primitive dirt road and navigated over some pretty deep 'washes' to get to the group. "Watch for the pink 'peace' flag", Kara said. We saw just a few other RVs and then there was that flag. It looked like a wagon train circle as we pulled up so we positioned Lacey in the circle. One more couple came shortly after and closed up the circle. Very cool! Dogs running around all over the place!

It was our very first dry camping or boondocking trip ever! We had a few challenges, one of them realizing we had frozen our water system (uck!). But the small group of 6 ladies quickly became friends during our three days and Laurie and I learned how to heat water in a pan to wash with and make it 'stretch!' Big fires every night in the center of our circle was a perfect way to end our days and get to know each other. And of course the two off-road vehicle toys were fun too!!

The story that comes out of this few days is not about us. It is about Kara and Kelly and their mission to save Border Collie Rescue dogs in Arizona. 20 years ago, Kelly started the Arizona Border Collie Rescue organization and, she says, this year they may see their 4,000th dog come through their hands to be vetted and to find their forever home. Learn more about this wonderful organization here.

Let's hear their story;

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