RV Destination Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Myrtle Lakes camprground

Leave it to John DiPietro to find an RV destination that has so much to offer. Really… Myrtle Beach has so many attractions and things going on to satisfy anyone, but then when you add staying at the Ocean Lake Family Campground, it almost becomes overload.

Ocean Lakes is big, and I mean big. It encompasses 310 acres, has 29-miles of paved roads and 859 camping and RV sites. Then there’s the huge water park with 68,000 feet of pool deck, tube slides and adventure river.

Special Guest at Myrtle Beach

With a campground this big, getting around is a serious consideration. While some people walk and some have bikes, many choose to rent one of the parks 905 electric golf cars. (Which is a story in itself as you’ll see in the show.)

Gulf cart parade

Each Sunday morning at 6:30am the park holds a sunrise mass right along the beach, with around 2,500 people attending.

Outside the park, Myrtle Beach is an oasis of fun and activity with dozens of restaurants, entertainment facilities and shopping. The best way to get a real idea of what this area has to offer is to watch the story. For more information on Ocean Lakes Family Campground visit: www.oceanlakes.com

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