RV Do-It-Yourselfer, Pippi Peterson

Also this week, with more and more people starting to do repairs and updates to their RV’s, we thought we’d bring back a serious RV DIYer that will surprise most of you. This week, we introduce you to Pippi Peterson. When our friends at Carefree Of Colorado called us and said they had sent one of their new power awnings to a gal in Arizona that was going to install it herself, we thought, "this could be a great story"!

We were right. Jeff Johnston, Michelle and Laurie tripped over to meet Pippi at her location in Arizona and covered this story. Needless to say, we’re glad we did and I’m sure once you meet Pippi and see how talented and skilled she really is, you’ll be glad we did the story too. And by the way, as you’ll see, the awning install went perfectly and works just fine.

For information on Carefree Awnings, contact Carefree of Colorado and you can follow Pippi on her YouTube channel.

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