RV Education 101 Partnership with Rollin’ On TV

Rollin' On TV always strives to bring you the highest quality educational, entertaining and informative material, both on TV and on-line. That is why we partnered with RV Education 101 more than 2 years ago.

Mark's video tips and articles have been a strong part of our website and social media since then. There are many so-called RV experts out there and you may or may not receive the right answers for your particular situation. The more we learned about Mark's background the more we were convinced that this was the right company for us to work with in regards to RV Education! Access their complete collection here.

With that introduction we would like to introduce you their newly updated and advanced collection of video and books,  every type of RV and every situation is covered!

"Mark J. Polk was introduced to RV’s in the early 70’s. His friend’s father was the General Manager for an RV dealership and would take them camping all of the time. Before long he was working for the dealership washing RV’s, and soon after that he was working as an apprentice RV technician.

Not long after graduating from high school Mark joined the Army and was a wheeled vehicle and power generation mechanic. 5+ years later he graduated from warrant officer school as an automotive maintenance technician and was in charge of some very large maintenance operations throughout his career. He retired from the Army in 1996 as a Chief Warrant Officer Three.

After retiring from the Army, Mark got back into the industry that he had a passion for. He started out selling RVs for a dealership in North Carolina and was soon promoted to the sales and F&I manager. Polk was concerned about the lack of education and awareness for the RV consumer and while still working for the dealership, started his own company, RV EDUCATION 101 in November 1999, until he could devote his full attention to RV EDUCATION 101 in 2000.

Mark and Dawn travel about 10,000 miles a year in their Motorhome and 67 Yellowstone Travel Trailer, and feel that there is not enough emphasis placed on properly educating the RV consumer on the complexities of owning and operating an RV. They would like to provide you with as much RV information as possible."

If you want to learn from the pro in this RV industry, we highly recommend you look at the collections offered by RV Education 101.

For more information about RV safety and using your RV visit our RV Online Training Center and check out the RV video training courses and RV e-book training courses we have to offer.

Happy Camping
Mark J. Polk
RV Education 101

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